Ipod fun with Quasi

As you will have guessed from the slightly irregular posting over the last couple of weeks, I’m now back teaching and not having the time to post every day. It doesn’t mean that I have given up on the blog, or indeed music. Having been given a new Ipod a couple of months back, and spent a lot of time downloading stuff onto it, I’m quite frequently re-familiarising myself with stuff I had downloaded, and sometimes almost forgotten about.

A case in point would be these four tracks from Quasi. Taken from the wonderful sites that are Insound and Epitonic, Quasi are formerly married couple Janet Weiss (who played with Sleater-Kinney) and Sam Coomes. I am not an authority on this band, but boy am I now smitten. Sometimes they even remind me of Ben Folds Five in their mental jazz wig-outs.

Anyway, try these for size, hope they give you as much enjoyment as they have given me…

Quasi-‘The Rhino.’ mp3

Quasi-‘Drunken Tears.’ mp3

Quasi-‘It’s Raining.’ mp3

Quasi-‘Mammon.’ mp3

NB This post is now over a week old. If you want to hear Quasi…
…then as ever, go and buy Quasi, at Amazon (UK) or Ampcamp (US)

Quasi on MySpace

Quasi’s record label Touch and Go