Presenting…The Pristines

The Pristines hail from Coventry, England. How come I haven’t heard of Jon E. King and his band of merry men and women before? I don’t know, but even having a MySpace account is no guarantee of getting the word out there.

Which is a shame, because Jon E and friends deserve to be heard. Their sound is reminiscent of both a)classic indie, and I don’t mean the tired old cliches of recycled Oasis/Beatles etc etc.. riffs but rather Indie when it meant pioneering stuff like The Smiths, My Bloody Valentine etc.. and also b) electronica type indie like Momus and Ladytron. Hell, if you still have your House Of Love vinyl I think you’ll like this band and wonder why you haven’t heard them before. Series Two Records in the US have just released their latest album States Of Mine. See what you make of these three tracks:

The Pristines -‘All Washed Out.’ mp3

The Pristines -‘Who To Trust.’ mp3

The Pristines -‘Letting The Expectation Go.’ mp3

These two tracks, as downloaded from their MySpace, are from earlier recordings:

The Pristines -‘Sea Horse.’ mp3

The Pristines -‘Who Put Bella In The Wych Elm?’ mp3

If you like what you hear, go to the MySpace to make friends and hear another excellent track ‘Suitable Lies’ and find out how to get their albums.

Finally, please do leave feedback, if you download these tracks, even if you’ve never left feedback before. I really do want to know what you think.