Album Review: Thirty Pounds Of Bone


Thirty Pounds Of Bone -‘I Cannot Sing You Here, But For Songs Of Where.’ (Armellodie)

The third album from Johnny Lamb is a beautiful, lo-fi folky treat. Released through Armellodie, who have been consistently been releasing great records for several years now, the record sees him using and – this is meant as a compliment – abusing and subverting folk traditions.

So, no, this is not another bloody singer-songwriter record (Thank God). His interest is in place and the idea of how the folksong must change for its time; a very loud raspberry at those who felt (and for all I know still feel – blokes with fuck-awful jumpers and an obsession with real ale) that folksongs should only be sung a capella in the original native accents.

The worlds of folk drone and Kevin Shields might seem worlds apart – but on this album they make sense. And lyrically Mr. Lamb is trying to work out where he stands in the world. It sounds like a lonely journey at times -but one we would be advised to try and share.

You don’t need to counsel or advise, just listen…


I Cannot Sing You Here, But For Songs Of Where is out now on Armellodie.