Album Review: Tom Hickox

Tom Hickox -Fear In A Handful Of Dust (self-released)

I must learn not to jump to conclusions (copy out 500 times). Tom Hickox is a Scottish-born, London -living singer songwriter who takes the notion of singer songwriter further than just one introspective man and his guitar. There’s real strings but what sets him apart from so many others is the electronica. Added to the inspiration which Scott Walker, Nick Cave and Morrissey have clearly provided, and this is something special. Imagine Four Tet, Squarepusher, the Brodsky Quartet and Scott Walker collaborating on the same album…and you perhaps start to get close to this. This album will benefit from repeated listens, and reveal its charms and hidden delights the more you hear it. It was released last year, and I can only regret I didn’t hear it before. Make sure you do so now, especially ‘Grief Hijackers,’ one of the few times I can remember feeling genuinely sorry when a song ended.


Tom Hickox -‘Grief Hijackers.’ mp3

Tom’s website is here and his mySpace is here. Pop along and say hello. Follow the links on these sites if you wish to hear more tracks and buy the album.