How different would music have turned out without this track?

Kraftwerk -‘Trans Europe Express.’

I know this might be heresy, but I’m starting to wonder if Kraftwerk might actually have been more important than the Sex Pistols…Don’t get me wrong, the Pistols changed a hell of a lot in the music industry, but to listen to Kraftwerk is like seeing a prediction for the next thirty years of music. Without this song…imagine how post-punk, hiphop, pretty much anything from the dance scene from Aphex Twin to trance would have turned out so differently. Like an omelette without eggs…

Perhaps Public Image Ltd. were ultimately more important than the Sex Pistols? Discuss. I don’t know how much of an influence Kraftwerk had on PIL, but I think they must have seeped through in some way.

P.I.L. -‘Death Disco.’

BTW…(final thought before stumbling off to bed)…is this 80s cheese or a seminal track?

Ultravox -‘Vienna.’