Does there have to be a reason?


It’s perhaps to my shame that I haven’t featured more classical and jazz music on here in 7 years of the blog. Not in a ‘hey, I’m arty and sophisticated’ way but more because I’ve always loved classical music and grown to love jazz over the years as well.

So yes, there may be more featured here as the years go by.

However, it is getting harder to feature music. Bizarrely the classical piece I was going to feature today is, apparently copyrighted (which is ironic as the composer, Gabriel Faure has been dead since 1924).

Instead, ‘Lion Hat’ by Unicorn Kid, an awesome instrumental is the choice for today. Enjoy, please support – and spread the word!

Unicorn Kid -‘Lion Hat.’ mp3

Presenting… Unicorn Kid


Still in his teens, Olly Sabin AKA Unicorn Kid has proved that, actually, playing around on computer games can most definitely get you somewhere.

Having released a couple of singles on Scottish label Euphonios, ‘Lion Hat’ and ‘Wee Monsters’, young Master Sabin has done several BBC sessions and is now signed to Ministry of Sound. (And he’s been supported by X-Lion Tamer, lucky lad). He’s also done remixes for the Pet Shop Boys and Gorillaz, amongst others.

His first release for the Ministry of Sound label is this fantastic dubstep track ‘Dreamcatcher.’ Very, very good indeed, and proof that it’s not just pale kids with guitars north of Hadrian’s Wall, y’know…

Unicorn Kid – Dream Catcher by Ministry of Sound

..and if you liked that, go here to download ‘Lion Hat’ for free!