Gig review: Fat Goth/Vasquez/Hagana

Fat Goth + Vasquez + Hagana, Edinburgh Electric Circus, February 1

Tonight’s show is the launch for Fat Goth’s sophomore album, and it not only does what it says on the tin, but a packed-out show at the Electric Circus will prove a mighty sonic assault on everyone’s eardrums with not one, not two but three er, three-piece bands.

I vaguely recall getting sent something about Hagana a few years back. Though they might not have hugely impressed me on record (assuming it’s the same band), live they pack a mighty punch with their grunge-flavoured rock. A mere two songs in, my ears are starting to ring, but it’s worth it. Even for the first support band, the audience are appreciative and up for it. By the final number (sorry, couldn’t catch any of the song titles), I find I’m planing to see them again.

Vasquez hail from Edinburgh and are shortly to release a new EP, their third. They’re purely instrumental, and they’re more in a Maths rock vein. Think Battles collaborating with Shellac. Just as awesome as that sounds. Whilst it’s hard with instrumentals to google the lyrics once you get back home, they are loud and entertaining and you can see the crowd wanting to dance. For a place that can be as reserved at gigs as Edinburgh -and I’ve lived here for many years – that is no mean feat.

Hugely impressed by Vasquez, any doubts about whether Fat Goth are going to be able to live up to their supports are blown away pretty quickly. As are my eardrums. This may partly be my fault for getting right down the front -and with Fat Goth that’s like the really loud bit in ‘Like Herod’ but all through the set. They’re clearly enjoying themselves, as are the audience.

Fat Goth kick off their set with ‘I Am Leg end’ (sic) and tear through their set, almost never pausing for breath. Except to make it clear that ‘Bang Tidy’ is nothing to do with Keith Lemon. It’s not always clear where one song ends and another begins (that may be my eardrums reeling), but my heart is wowed.

We stumble out, blown away by their noise, energy and sheer greatness. 3×3=a bloody great night.