Wiredrawn is the project of Patrick Baird. Formerly of Scots band Won Mississippi, his latest project mixes indie pop with alternative rock, shoegazing, and a touch of electro.

To my eternal shame, I have been promising Patrick that I would write about his work since before Christmas. The fact that it has taken me until now to do so is no reflection whatsoever on his music, and everything to do with my poor organisation as I attempt to do everything. And fail to do so in any way whatsoever.

Based in Aberdeen, Patrick has developed his own sound. In his own words, his music is recorded mostly in Scottish living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, using a few reasonably priced microphones through an antiquated Apple Ibook. Samples are either found on the web or recorded first hand while out and about in the world.’

This fine, five track EP Loose Lips Sink Ships came out before Christmas. I loved it when I heard it – and I still do. And it’s free.

Find the time, and take the time to listen to this EP. It really is rather fantastic. And when those live shows happen, go and see him and give him the support he deserves.