More music from my inbox


Like most bloggers, most days (with the possible exception of public holidays but even then…), I find numerous emails in my inbox, politely begging me to check out another act. Here is another example of when this didn’t simply get added to the pile to work through (or deleted because I got a follow up email).

Wowser Bowser hail from Atlanta. Consisting of George Pettis (vocals, keyboards & synths, drum programming, and arrangements), Jake Thomson (vocals, keyboards & synths, guitar, live drums, drum programming, arrangements) and Joe Crabb (trumpet and background vocals), they meld the best bits of 21st century experimentalism with a 1980s pop sensibility. Once upon a time, this music might have seemed out of place – but in a world where Gotye’s ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ can become a worldwide no.1 hit (deservedly so), and people can open up their minds to stuff (hopefully without the hipsters trying to confuse us over what we can and can’t like this week), their time could well be now. I hope so.

This was the track that popped into my inbox…

Stream and buy the album from their bandcamp

I know precious little about Wowser Bowser. I have no idea whether they are trending on twitter, being pitched on Pitchfork or spun in the offices of Spin.* I care not, particularly. But I do want you to check them out!

* or bering dissed at DiS, for that matter.