Album Review: Your Move, Raincloud


Your Move, Raincloud ‘This Is What’s Left Over From Nothing That’s Happened.’ (Motive Sounds)

Your Move, Raincloud is by and large the solo work of one Samuel Francis Cain, a 28 year-old songwriter. It’s his debut album, four years in the making.

He has a lot of ambition, soundwise, though much of it is not so much lo-fi as no-fi. Quite a few of the tracks on this album are very good, but over the course of fifty minutes, even after several listens I’ve still found it a bit much to take all in one sitting.

However, for my money, if nothing else you should make sure that you hear and buy the really rather fine penultimate track on the album ‘Something.’ It’s absolutely beautiful, in pretty much everything, and a spectacularly cool way to have your heart broken by a song.


This Is What’s Left Over From Nothing That’s Happened is out now on Motive Sounds