Happy Birthday to…the blog!

Yup, it is six years since I made my first awkward forays into the world of blogging.

Since then, there have been gig nights, the label and records downloads and CDs, DJing, interviews and lots of fun and stress as a result.

In the last year I’ve even been able to interview (amongst others) Mark Stewart of The Pop Group, Bwani Junction, The Raincoats, Dweezil Zappa and Roy Harper. Sure there’s a list as long as your arm of people I’d love to interview, but I think if someone had told me six years ago when I started all this that I’d get to do this, I wouldn’t have dared believe them.

and in that time, I’ve married the wonderful Mrs. 17 Seconds (we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary yesterday) and welcomes our son Master 17 Seconds into the world too.

You may have noticed that there tends to be fewer mp3s than there used to be. Like many blogs, I have come increasingly under fire from sinitser organisations who do not reply to my emails (nevermind take notice of the disclaimers), and on many occasions had links removed that I actually have the music to under licence!

Anyway, thanks to those of you still reading -and it still gives me pleasure. Feedback is allways nice, btw, boys and girls 😉