From the Swans…to Angels Of Light

Of all the late seventies-early eighties No Wave bands, the toughest and most uncompromising of the lot were held to be The Swans. Notorious for shows and music that were confrontational, and songs like ‘Raping A Slave’ (yes, you did read that right), Michael Gira and his not so merry men (and one woman, Jarboe) were one of those bands whose reputation is still infamous years later.

So it might come as a shock for those who haven’t followed Gira’s post-Swans career particularly closely (and I have to admit, I am no authority) but having read a review in The Wire, I had to get the latest album.

And I’m kinda smitten with his work. He now writes his songs on the acoustic guitar, as well as running his seminal Young Gods label in New York. These songs are well-worth hearing and have quite lush arrangements, without giving you the feeling that he’s got soft in his old age.

From the latest album We Are Him

Angels Of Light -‘Black River Song.’ mp3

Angels Of Light -‘The Man We Left Behind.’ mp3

Angels Of Light -‘Not Here Not Now.’ mp3

And two older tracks:

Angels Of Light -‘Praise Your Name.’ mp3 from New Mother

Angels Of Light -‘My True Body.’ mp3 (from How I Loved You)

and a Swans track too…

Swans -‘Sex God Sex.’ mp3

Young God Records are here