Parcels – this year’s summer anthem?

Australian-born and Berlin-based band Parcels may very well be responsible for this summer’s anthem.

Listener’s to their track ‘Overnight’ may well hear a similarity to 2013’s summer anthem ‘Get Lucky’ (which was 2013’s Festive Fifty no.1). Australian band Parcels aren’t particularly well-known in the UK at the moment. ‘Overnight’ was produced by Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo – aka Daft Punk, the same act responsible for ‘Get Lucky.’ There’s no denying that the two French legends contribute to the magic made available for your ears here.

It’s  clear if you check out Parcels’ Hideout EP from earlier this year (which you can do at the bottom of this post) that the vibe of chilled music for the dancefloor with Nile Rogers-style choppy guitars is still Parcels. No doubt that’s why it’s credited to Parcels – even if a Daft Punk credit in the name might grab people’s attention more immediately. Put simply ‘Overnight’ is a genius piece of pop music, for the heart and the feet. You’ll hear it on the dancefloors, out of every other car window, from the mobile phones of the kids down your local park. Who knows, even your local radio station with the really conservative playlist will probably get behind it (once it’s charted, obviously).

That aforementioned, earlier EP

Special thanks to Liam O’Hare who tipped me off about this track in the first place.

The return of Daft Punk


Do statistics tell us anything about how good music actually is?

Well, probably not if you consider the very lowly chart placings for some of the greatest albums ever (Astral Weeks, The Velvet Underground & Nico etc.. etc..) but consider this:
The awesome new single from Daft Punk, ‘Get Lucky’ has broken streaming records and has also shot straight into no.3 in the UK charts after only being on sale for two days.

Taken from their forthcoming fourth album Random Access Memories, the single not only features vocals from Pharrell Williams but disco legend Nile Rodgers (without whom, the lives of so many acts, including Queen, Madonna and pretty much all hip-hop would have turned out very differently) on guitar.

Bring on May 20, say I but for now, listen to this and then go and buy it.