I’ve survived Tuesday!!


Still too much to do, and the slight feeling that my brain may implode before the end of the week.

So, in this slightly mixed up mode, hence the above picture, I give you three great, and completed unrelated tracks. Just because I like them…does there have to be a reason?

Ennio Morricone -‘Theme from The Good, the Bad and The Ugly.’

Propaganda -‘Dr. Mabuse.’ mp3

Nick Lowe -‘I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass.’ mp3

Enjoy these…feel free to leave feedback.

If I were to make a mixtape….

Are there any rules to making mixtapes or in the present day and age, CD-Rs?


I think great music, surprise, and a bit of variety should still count for something, though…

Ennio Morricone -‘Theme from the Good, The bad and the Ugly (Le Bon, La Brute et Le Truand).’ mp3

Hot Butter – ‘Popcorn.’ mp3

Toyah -‘It’s A Mystery.’ mp3

Enjoy your weekend…