Does there have to be a reason?


The weather has been – again -bloody awful. It frequently is in Scotland, which we moan about -and yet, sometimes it makes things utterly beautiful.

Eurythmics’ single ‘Here Comes The Rain Again’ was taken from their third album, Touch. While I’ve never really cared for the faux-Calypso of ‘Right By your Side’ but I do find ‘Here Comes The Rain Again’ utterly stunning.

The video was filmed in Orkney and according to Wikipedia ‘The music video, featuring both Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart, was directed by Stewart, John Gerschfield and Jon Roseman, and released in December 1983, a month before the single came out. The video opens with a passing aerial shot of The Old Man of Hoy on the Island of Hoy in the Orkney Islands before transitioning to Lennox walking along the rocky shore and cliff top. She later explores a derelict cottage while wearing a nightgown and holding a lantern. Stewart stalks her with a video camera. In many scenes the two are filmed separately, then superimposed into the same frame. The result is that the viewer may perceive one as being a ghost in the world of the other.’

The song was later covered by the Associates’ Billy Mackenzie on his solo album Auchtermatic

The Eurythmics – in their defence


It’s very easy to slag the Eurythmics, and they got a hard time over lunch yesterday from certain quarters. ‘There Must be An Angel (Playing With My Heart)’ had Ken fae Aberfeldy groaning when it came on in the cafe where we were gathered. Mrs. 17 Seconds can’t stand the cover Annie Lennox put out a few months ago of Ash’s ‘Shining Light’ (it is quite bland, it must be said). I said I really hated ‘Right By your Side’ with its’ cod-calypso feel.

But then Mark and I said that this was the great lost Eurythmics single – ‘Beethoven.’ It made no.25 in about October 1987, with a video that mesmerised and terrified me as a ten year old boy. ‘There Must Be An Angel’ might seema little ‘beige’ but Beethoven is something else entirely…Taken from their 1987 album Savage, the one few remember, and which is better than many of the others…

And I swear, this is up there just below ‘Blue Monday’ ‘I Feel Love and ‘Good Times.’ According to legend, MTV America (in the days when they played music videos instead of Pimping my Crib or whatever it’s called) refused to show this video until they’d seen a birth certificate…

Eurythmics -‘Sweet Dreams.’

Finally, this was the very first video The Eurythmics made, for a song in 1981 called ‘Never gonna Cry Again.’ This is from an album called In The Garden. For those who think that the Eurythmics wouldn’t know hip and cool if it punched them in the face (you really have some anger issues, don’t you), not only was it produced by noted Krautrock producer Conny Plank, but it also featured Jaki Liebezeit of Can on drums and Holger Czukay, also of Can, on French horn. Yes, that’s Can, the violently cool Krautrock band. Watch the video when you’ve picked your jaws up from the floor, fashion nazis. I’m sure i remember reading an interview with dave Stewart when he said that the song was inspired by the bizarre event of a bomb going off in a club in Ireland and the two of them waking up to see that one of their singles was being held up on the front covers of the newspapers because it had been playing when the bomb went off. If anyone can substantiate this story, I’d love to know…