Album Review: Golden Void


Golden Void -‘Golden Void’ (Thrill Jockey)

OK, first things first. San Francisco quartet Golden Void aren’t the most original or groundbreaking band you’ve ever heard in your life (unless you really don’t listen to much rock music). But that’s to miss the point, pretty much. They don’t come on like a retro-act, but instead a band who know their influences (prime period Zeppelin, Sabbath and Stooges) and and having a whole heap of fun.

And unless you’re a po-faced idiot, so will you. Sure, it would be easier to put this in the ‘stoner rock’ category- but it’s focused enough that it never strays into self-indulgence, in the way that less bands might do so.

Single ‘The Curve’ may be the strongest track here, but this is a fun way to spend 36 minutes.


Golden Void is out now on Thrill Jockey.

Presenting…Golden Void


Another night, a way overcrowded inbox with more bloody submissions to deal with than I can bear or cope with, never mind actually listen to. One of them is from the very nice man at Thrill Jockey. KABLAM! Just one blast of Golden Void is like putting your fingers in a wall socket. In a pleasant way, of course.

Very recently signed to Thrill Jockey, San Francisco’s Golden Void are vocalist/guitarist Isaiah Mitchell, organ player Camilla Saufley, bassist Aaron Morgan and drummer/moog Justin Pinkerton. If you think Tame Impala’s ‘Elephant’ is good, the first track from the album ‘Golden Void’ blows it out of the water. Free to download below, this will quite possibly make your eyeballs melt (your ears will already have gone intergalactic).

Their self-titled debut album, which reportedly mixes ‘classic rock, blues and psych in their own unique style’ was recorded with with Phil Manley, who has also worked with the likes of Trans Am and The Fucking Champs, at Lucky Cat Studios in San Francisco. To these ears it’s thrillingly primal, think prime Black Sabbath with extra psychedelics and stoner links…

The album, artwork below, is released on November 12.


The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Art of Invading
2. Virtue
3. Jetsun Dolma
4. Badlands
5. Shady Grove
6. The Curve
7. Atlantis