Album Review – Julian Casablancas


Julian Casablancas -‘Phrazes For The Young’ (Rough Trade)

Oh, dear God.

I’m sorry, I have really tried. I approached with excitement and was bitterly disappointed. I listened without prejudice – again – and forgot the day job and the other solo projects from other members of the day job. Still nothing.

Well, it may be nearly Christmas, and Julian Casablancas has delivered an absolute turkey of an album. And I’m a vegetarian. This really is not wanted or needed in any possible way.

This album is limp, half-arsed and a waste of money (it’s back in the shop already, btw). As a wiseman reecently said ‘How the hell can you call a song 4 Chords of the Apocalypse and then give it no balls at all?’ Maybe it’s not fair to compare it to the work he has done with the Strokes, but the fact is, when they emerged with their debut (and even their underrated second LP) they felt like a necessary, vibrant exciting band. Now this just feels like a slapdash mix of experimentation as if he’s come up with something to do before the band regroup for a fourth album. This joins The Boy Least Likely To and Chris Cornell as one of the worst albums of the year.

I’ve bought every single Strokes single and album as they’ve come out (on vinyl, natch). This isn’t even worth keeping on the iPod.


Julian Casablancas’s website is here if you wish to make your own mind up.