17 Seconds’ busy eight days or so…


Well, it’s a busy few weeks ahead of us, and I’ve been interviewed about 17 Seconds Records again. This too will pass, but thank you Peenko!

I’ve mentioned it before but tomorrow night, The Last Battle have the album launch for their debut album Heart Of The Land, Soul Of The Sea. Support comes from Glasgow’s magnificent Burnt Island and Edinburgh’s Matt Norris & The Moon.
And I will be DJing. Tickets are £5 advance, £6 on the door.

Some great reviews coming in already here, here, here and here. The album will be released on October 4.


Sunday will see 17 Seconds Records at Independents’ day at the Barron Theatre in St. Andrew’s, Fife. Chris Bradley and The Last Battle join a bill that also includes Found, Kid Canaveral, Panda Su, Jo Mango, Iona Marshall and Oates Field. We’ll be selling 17 Seconds Records’ er, records, and CDs as well. It’s more than just a little satisfying to see our logo next to that of Chemikal Underground on the posters.


Next week The Last Battle will play the Sufjan Steves’ tribute night at Stereo, with other acts including Endor and Julia and the Doogans…


Meanwhile, on September 24 at the Freshers’ event at Edinburgh’s College of Art, X-Lion Tamer will be playing, with My Tiny Robots and The Machine Room.

Keep the music live folks (as the musician union used to say)!

Chris Bradley -‘Golden Girl.’ mp3

Last Battle -‘Cutlass.’ mp3

X-Lion Tamer -‘Tugboat.’ mp3

Good things come in threes…


A good day for 17 Seconds Records.

First of all, the Last Battle have made a Free Live EP available via their bandcamp called ‘A Wee Red tale.’ (17SEC22)

Featuring three live tracks recorded at the single launch for ‘Ruins’ last monht, it really sounds awesome.

Not only that, but X-Lion Tamer‘s single ‘Hope’ is available to download from iTunes as of now (17SEC23). Oh, and Vic Galloway played it on Radio Scotland tonight as one of his ‘Future Scottish Anthems.’ Which was great!

Hope you’re well…I’m tired and really needing to sleeeepppp….zzzzz

Last Battle exclusive…and an interview with yours truly


The Last Battle will release their debut album Heart Of The Land, Soul Of The Sea on 17 Seconds Records on October 4. If you listened to my show on Fresh Air last night you will have heard a stunning live version of ‘Soul of the sea’ from their single launch at the Wee Red Bar in Edinburgh on July 1.

The album launch is September 18, and for now treat your ears to this:

The Last Battle -‘Cutlass.’ mp3

Meanwhile, there is an interview with yours truly here! at The Scotsman’s blog.

Burnt Island – free single and exciting news


A few months ago, I wrote enthusiastically about the six-track release from Burnt Island, Music and Maths. If you haven’t yet got your mits on a copy, silly you, but you can pick up the free single of ‘Hiding Out’/’Gambler’s Dream’ here.

Not only that, but Burnt Island will be supporting the Last Battle at their album launch in Edinburgh on September 18. This is taking place at The Roxy Arthouse in Edinburgh and support also comes from Matt Norris and the Moon.

Oh, and I’m DJing. ; )

Pop along and make friends with Burnt Island here

Very exciting news!


We are extremely excited that the Last Battle, who released their debut single ‘Ruins’ this week on 17 Seconds Records (17SEC19) will be supporting Withered Hand at the Electric Circus in Edinburgh on August 17.

Withered Hand’s debut album Good News was one of THE releases of last year; I interviewed Dan Willson in January and he’s a fantastic bloke. Interestingly, both bands have worked with Neil Pennycook of Meursault, whose profile continues to rise with slots at Glastonbury and T in the Park. If you haven’t got Meursault’s albums, you are letting yourself down, badly.

Last Battle -‘Black Waterfall.’ mp3

Last Battle -‘Ward 119.’ mp3

Meursault -‘Crank Resolutions.’ mp3

In other news, I’ve been offered my own radio show on Fresh Air radio, the local student radio station in Edinburgh.

very excited too…watch this space…

17 Seconds Records update


It’s getting busy here at 17 Seconds Records.

Next Thursday will see the launch of the debut single from The Last Battle ‘Ruins’, which takes place at the Wee Red Bar at Edinburgh College of Art, and features not only the band performing, but a solo set by Neil Pennycook of Meursault (who will be fresh back from Glastonbury), Jonnie Common and yours truly on the decks. Tickets are £5 (£3 concessions), and it lasts from 7-10. Which means you can still go home and get a decent night’s kip before work in the morning.
There’s a lovely write up over here at suitcase Orchestra. You can hear ‘Ruins’ on the most recent Song, By Toad podcast and also on Jim Gellatly’s latest podcast. Vic Galloway promised live on air that he would play it this coming Monday. You can bet I will be nudging him to do this…

Meanwhile, you can download the b-side to ‘Ruins’ for free NOW. Because we’re lovely people.

Last Battle -‘Ward 119.’ mp3

(NB due to the subject matter of the song, this does contain swearing. If you are easily offended, and God knows why you’re reading this blog, you idiot, DON’T LISTEN. Go and read Grazia or the Daily Mail instead. Fuckwit)

If you’re off to Kelburn Garden Party next weekend, not only will you be able to see excellent artists supported by this blog such as Broken Records, Panda Su, Meursault, Foxgang and Stanley Odd, but you will also be able to see our very own Chris Bradley who was added in the last month. Go Chris!

Chris Bradley -‘Golden Girl.’ mp3

If you aren’t going to Kelburn, you could catch the Dirty Cuts at the 13th note in Glasgow on Saturday July 3, ahead of their single launch for ‘Yummy Mummy’ on July 23, with a gig in Bristol and two in London coming up.

Dirty Cuts -‘Lips.’ mp3

X-Lion Tamer will be releassing another four track EP with us in the next few months, and will be playing at Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh, alongside the fabulous Deserters Deserve Death on July 31.

X-Lion Tamer -‘Life Support Machine.’ mp3

There will be more to come…watch this space!

Song By Toad Rules!


I have enjoyed Song, By Toad the blog and latterly the record label for several years now.

The latest podcast features great music (as ever); this time including from the Arcade Fire, an earlier project of King Creosote and the new single from the Last Battle, which Matthew says some very nice things about.

So please point your browsers here:

Song, By Toad

Oh, and Jim Gellatly’s going to play it on the radio tonight, too. I feel like a little kid…

17 Seconds Records update


Busy times at 17 Seconds Records, with plenty of live dates and releases coming your way very soon.


Chris Bradley released his second solo album At The Outpost in March, becoming the first full album release on 17 Seconds Records. Chris is playing at the Leith Festival tomorrow (June 13), as well as at the Outsider festival on June 19, Jock Stock on June 26 and the Wickerman Festival on July 24, having already appeared appeared at Knockengorroch.

The Last Battle will release their debut single ‘Ruins’ on July 5 on download and CD-R. They will be having a launch night at the Wee Red Bar in Edinburgh (at the Art College) with support from Neil Pennycook of Meursault who will be doing a solo set and Neil Common. Oh, and me DJing. The album Heart Of the Land, Soul Of the Sea will be released at the end of September, the album launch will take place at Edinburgh’s Roxy Art House on September 18, as well as playing the Woodworks festival in England. It’s all jolly exciting!!

This is the artwork for the single. It’s great (and I can say that, ‘cos I had nowt to do with it)!


The Last Battle -‘Black Waterfall.’ mp3



The first fruits of the forthcoming Last Battle album Heart Of The Land, Soul Of The Sea was handed to me at last night’s gig (where they played with Chris Bradley and the Dirty Cuts, as part of Tigerfest) and it’s called ‘Black Waterfall.’

The first downloadable single will be called ‘Ruins’ and should be out in the next two months. The album is pencilled in for a September release on 17 Seconds Records. We’re very excited…

Last Battle -‘Black Waterfall.’ mp3

UPDATE: This is not going to be on the album, but it is a gorgeous track and I think you will love it anyway. Thanks to Ali and Dylan for playing it on their radio show today, along with X-Lion Tamer!

The last call!


OK folks, tis the last reminder I will post, but Tigerfest is underway, and tonight and Thursday are the 17 Seconds Records nights in Edinburgh.

£6 a throw, and with X-Lion Tamer, The Wildhouse and White Heath (not ours, but fabulous anyway!) tonight and Chris Bradley, the Dirty Cuts and the Last battle on Thursday…what more could you ask for?

X-Lion Tamer -‘Life Support Machine.’ mp3

The Wildhouse -‘Ficca.’ mp3

Dirty Cuts -‘Lips.’ mp3

Chris Bradley -‘Hide & Seek.’ mp3

The Last Battle -‘Nature’s Glorious Rage.’ mp3