The return of Katie Sutherland


I’ve long supported Katie Sutherland on this blog, right from when I first saw her supporting Emma Pollock over six years ago.

She’s performed as Pearl and the Puppets in that time, but right now she’s back, as Katie, and this is her forthcoming single ‘Canvas.’

You can pre-order the single here

Good to have you back, Katie. Here’s an interview I did back in 2007.

Presenting…Pearl and the Puppets


I’m really chuffed to be writing this.

Nearly three years ago I went along to see Emma Pollock and was blown away not only by her set, but by her support act, one Katie Sutherland. So impressed was I that I posted that she should be signed and I did an interview with her back in September 2007 as well.

Well, she then took the stage name Pearl, signed a big record deal, with Universal and her first single ‘Because I do’ is released a week tomorrow. this is the track I posted in an early form, which has since been used in an ad in Australasia, and it’s great to see an artist that I saw three years ago be poised on the edge of huge success indeed. So, glad to see that I was right, about both artist and song, and glad to see her doing well!

Here are Pearl and the Puppets with ‘Because I Do.’

Reminding youse all…

OK, I know I have blogged about Pearl and the Puppets before, including when she was gigging as Katie Sutherland:

Anyway, this morning I got another email requesting I post ‘Because I Do’ again.

Very happy to oblige. It’s a great song, still my favourite of hers and one I never tire of hearing.

Sorry it’s been a bit quiet round here of late,it’s just been kinda busy…
Katie Sutherland -‘Because I Do.’ mp3< Then go and make friends with Pearl and the Puppets on myspace…

Presenting…Pearl and the Puppets

A year ago, you may remember that I was bigging up a Glaswegian singer-songwriter by the name of Katie Sutherland who I was absolutely blown away by, firstly after I saw her supporting Emma Pollock, and then playing with Penny Century and the Amateurs.

Anyway, she now has a publishing deal, a stage name, Pearl, and a backing band, so here they are, Pearl and the Puppets.

Now I’m normally pretty loath to write about bands I don’t have mp3s for. However, so blown away by these songs am I that I’m going to suggest you head over to her mySpace. If these don’t impact on you, check your pulse. There’s gold in them there vocals…

Pearl and the Puppets’ MySpace