17 Seconds Records – an update


Yup, an occasional update about the record label that’s the sister to this blog (or something).

The second week in May will be an excellent opportunity for people to see 17 Seconds Records acts in Scotland.

On May 8, Aberfeldy and X-Lion Tamer (see below) play at Cabaret Voltaire in Edinburgh as part of Tigerfest.

May 9 sees Aberfeldy play as part of Beepfest in Glasgow at the School of Art, while on May 10 The Gillyflowers play at Cabaret Voltaire as part of Tigerfest on a bill that also includes The Stantons and Le Reno Amps.

And yes, I did say X-Lion tamer. the enigmatic Tony T has decided that in order to avoid confusion with an American act of the same name, he will now record as X-Lion Tamer.


See you there!

Aberfeldy -‘Love Is an Arrow.’ mp3

X-Lion Tamer -‘Life Support Machine.’ mp3

Baby, I can’t wait!


Okay folks get ready for May!

The weekend of May 8-10 in Edinburgh will see all three 17 Seconds Records acts playing at Cabaret Voltaire, and I am very happy and excited about this. This is part of Tigerfest, and both us here at 17 Seconds and Matthew at Song, By Toad are ‘curating’ a night. Matthew’s night is on May 7 at the Bowery, and features Meursault, Inspector Tapehead and The Japanese War Effort.

Friday May 8 sees Aberfeldy, with support from Ex Lion Tamer, at Cabaret Voltaire. Tickets are now on sale from Tickets Scotland, Ripping Records and Ticketweb priced at £10.

Sunday May 10 sees The Gillyflowers play with Le Reno Amps and The Stantons at Duty Free at Cabaret Voltaire. Yup, Duty Free is FREE to get into!

Doors open at 7PM for both shows.

Aberfeldy -‘Love Is An Arrow.’ mp3

Ex Lion Tamer -‘Life Support Machine.’ mp3

The Gillyflowers -‘Country Boy.’ mp3

See you there : )

Presenting…The Gillyflowers


Somewhere over the last few days, I notched up more than 750 posts. Which is quite impressive considering just how close this blog came to getting knocked on the head a few months back.

But seriously, I’m glad I didn’t, because there are so many bands out there that I want to write about, and one of them is the Gillyflowers.

Fronted by Kirsten Adamson, they are an Edinburgh-based band who seem to have emerged fully formed. They consist of : Kirsten ‘The Boss’ Adamson on Lead Vocals and Guitar,  Phil ‘ Fastest fingers in the East ‘ Hopwood on Lead Guitar,  Kelso ‘ The cigarrette machine ‘ on Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals, Arron ‘ The muncher ‘  on Drums and Jenni ‘ The voice double ‘ Hopwood on Backing Vocals.

They have been working with Riley Briggs from Aberfeldy on songs which he handed to me on a CD-R a couple of days before their Christmas gigs and told me I needed to hear them. He was not wrong. A few days later I saw them support Aberfeldy at their Edinburgh show and was blown away. Surely it cannot be long before a record label snaps them up. See them while you can still see the whites of their eyes. If your heart doesn’t melt, ask your doctor for a transplant. Actually, no, ask for an electric shock. then go back and listen to the Gillyflowers.

I think you will be impressed by what you hear. Check out their myspace and make friends with them. Tell ’em I sent you…