Christmas Posts 2011 #12


Dan Willson, AKA Withered Hand is a fine songwriter and I even know him, a little bit.

Having previously played in Barrichello and Peanut, he has been the main man behind Withered Hand since 2006. In 2009 he released the draw-dropping album, Good News. I was privileged to see him on a bill headlined by Broken Records and also featuring Jesus H. Foxx at Edinburgh’s Cabaret Voltaire. I was gobsmacked. By this stage, the album was getting not only great reviews but brilliant end of year notices, and I spent a month trying to get hold of it. In the end, it was Ed from SL Records who sent me a link, and even fixed it for me to interview Dan. Had I been able to get hold of the album before my end of year lists in 2009, they would probably have turned out very differently. Ah well…

This was a Christmas song that Withered Hand put out as a free download in 2009:

Withered Hand -‘It’s A Wonderful Lie.’ mp3

Dan has now signed to the mighty Fence Collective (which as well as being run by King Creosote and Jonny Pictish Trail is also home to the likes of Kid Canaveral and too many great acts to mention). According to the email from Jonny Pictish which arrived today ‘the song is being released on Fence Records as part of an exclusive to subscribers of our new EP series. If folk subscribe on our website ( before December 16th, they will receive a Xmas card with a mini-CD inside which will have ‘Real Snow’ on it.’ Right. You know what to do, yes?

THere is an EP on the way. Oh, and this track was recorded by none other than Darren Hayman. WOW.

A decade…

dj-ed-jupp1Like most folk in their mid-thirties, I guess I’ve done some things that make me look back and cringe.

But I’ve also taken chances on things, and look back and think ‘Well, that was a leap into the unknown – but it paid off.’

And one of those was moving to Edinburgh.

Ten years ago, I was really not sure where I was heading. I had spent five years studying full-time, which had awarded me a BA and Masters in Philosophy, and still left feeling that I wanted to do something musically related. A relationship had crashed and burned, leaving me in a state, and wondering what it was all about.

I spent a few weeks in London trying to get a job selling advertising space (why??? I honestly thought in my frazzled state that this would lead me to working for the NME or something similar). Instead I got interviews but no job in this field (thank God) and was filing, once again, for my Mum. So I went up for a week to Edinburgh to see my little brother who was acting and doing comedy in the Festival and studying (t)here.

I fell hook, line and sinker for Edinburgh. I’d visited before and loved it, and couldn’t work out how I could move here. After a few days, I arranged that I would sleep on my brother’s floor for six weeks, try and find and job and a place to live. I briefly returned to England to attend V2001 (so long ago that Muse were headlining the second stage), and grab some clothes. I arrived on August 20, 2001.

I barely knew anyone apart from my brother, and a people I’d met through him. I volunteered at the Edinburgh book festival and within three days was working in a call centre. I thought it would be a stop gap measure for a few weeks; in the end I would end up working there on and off for over two years. But I met some of my greatest friends in Edinburgh there. Amongst those who worked there were Deborah Arnott from Blueflint and Ken McIntosh from Aberfeldy (the latter then playing with his twin in Edinburgh’s greatest lost band, Wayne Paycheck).

And I started to find my feet. I did find somewhere to live – almost directly leading to me meeting my wife. I ended up doing all sorts of jobs from the bizarre (I still can’t believe I ever worked as a door-to door salesman) to the dream come true of finally working in a record shop (or three, if you want to be pedantic).

As the years went by, I trained as a teacher and taught for a few years, as well as doing bits of TEFL. And of course, I sauntered vaguely downwards (with apologies to Terry Pratchett) into the Edinburgh music scene. Whilst I’ve not really got a band together, I’ve had a fair amount of stuff published online, interviewed bands I could only have dreamt about and DJed. And I made many new friends -and against all odds – married and have a wonderful son, and two much adored (if rather indulged) cats. In the last few years I’ve become a Hibee (supporter of Hibernian football club – now who would have thought I’d get into going to the football?) And running my own club night or record label? the sort of thing that people back in England told me I’d never do? Hah!

It’s not all been plain sailing. I’ve lost twelve months in that time to depression, which is one of the most horrible -and still misunderstood illnesses – around. But I’ve got through it, thanks to Edinburgh folk, and most particuarly my wife, brother and parents and close Edinburgh friends (you know who you are).

Against all odds, I gave up smoking and drinking (so much for the ‘sick man of Europe’ tag). I feel very much at home here, even if I bristle about casual anti-English remarks. And this far into my life I’m still ‘yes to vinyl, no to meat.’ A pretty long phase, then.

So God bless all of you who’ve made me welcome. I’ve done some daft things – but this wasn’t one of them.

A sampling of an Edinburgh soundtrack…

Withered Hand -‘Religious Songs.’ mp3

eagleowl -‘Morpheus.’ mp3

Aberfeldy -‘Claire.’ mp3

Last Battle -‘Black Waterfall.’ mp3

X-Lion Tamer -‘Hope.’ mp3

Blueflint -‘Takes More Than A Little Time.’ mp3

Support Withered Hand


Regular 17 Seconds readers will know that I rate Dan Willson AKA Withered Hand most highly.

I was privileged to interview him last year, and his debut album, Good News is one of the best albums made in 17 Seconds’ nearly-five year lifetime (read the review here).

This year, Dan is supposed to be heading to South by South West (SXSW), the annual music convention that takes place in Austin, Texas.

However, there are currently complications with his Visa, and Dan is actually having to demonstrate – despite the fact that he is signed to a label in the US, Absolutely Kosher – that he is ‘a musician of extraordinary abilities’ (well, duh!) to be granted a visa.

So…there is a campaign going to support him, and persuade the US authorities to let him in.

Please sign it here and lend your support.

If you still haven’t got Good News, check this out:

Retreat -definitely not a sign of weakness!


The Retreat Festival will take place in Edinburgh on August 28 and 29 this year.

Both Emily from Tracer Trails and Bart Owl of eagleowl fame have been in touch about this, it’s an awesome lineup with many acts I’ve featured here on 17 Seconds, such as Withered Hand (above), Wounded Knee, Meursault, Jesus H. Foxx and eagleowl. Whilst I won’t be able to attend it all (I’ve got tickets for Broken Records on the Saturday Night), I’m going to bust a gut to go and see at least some of it. I don’t want to rehash the press release, so I’ve cut and pasted it:

” Venerable DIY gig-putteronners Tracer Trails and The Gentle Invasion are thrilled to announce the third edition of Retreat!, a micro-festival celebrating Edinburgh’s contribution to the international pop underground.

Following on from previous years which have seen the festival occupy spaces in St John’s Church and the Bristo Hall, this year’s Retreat! will be a two-day event taking place in Pilrig St Paul’s Church Hall, on the boundary between Edinburgh and the City of Leith.

Retreat! was founded in 2008 to create space for Edinburgh acts amid the bustle of the festivals, and has evolved into a riotous A.G.M. for the capital’s independent pop scene.

In its inaugural year Retreat! encompassed nine events over three weeks; in 2009 it took the form of a giant celebratory all-dayer as part of the Forest Fringe. Retreat! 2010 is different again, a lost weekend when Edinburgh’s first XVI will perform in a deranged gala-day environment in which anything might happen and some things probably will.

Hosted by the incomparable Owen Curtis Williams (The Pineapple Chunks / drummer-about-town), and with stage design by Tessa Lynch, the only common thread in this vibrant melange is the organisers’ overwhelming respect for each act’s inimitable contribution to the international pop underground.

Retreat! stands for: –

• cheap cheap tickets
• all-ages admission
• the most extravagant staging and costumery no money can buy
• film screenings, record stalls, book stalls, and food!

Retreat! The Line-Up:-

7VWWVW (golden synth buzz and burr)
Benni Hemm Hemm (our icelandic friend and his big band)
Conquering Animal Sound (radio friendly unit shifters)
The Douglas Firs (snow-capped downbeat singalong)
eagleowl (fearsome slowcore foursome)
Enfant Bastard (brainless gameboy spraff)
FOUND (slick pop outfit)
Jesus H. Foxx (slacker-pop septet)
The Leg (dangerous panda-masked post-punk)
Meursault (tipped for the top)
Milk (sleazy glasgow supergroup)
Rob St John (resident ecologist)
Skeleton Bob (not a country band)
The Wee Rogue (sings the corries)
Withered Hand (badly lapsed antifolk)
Wounded Knee (loopy primitivist technocrat)”

Visit Retreat bandcamp page here for lots of excellent downloads.

Withered Hand -‘Religious Songs.’ mp3

Wounded Knee -‘Cold Enough To Snow.’ mp3

eagleowl -‘Morpheus.’ mp3

Jesus H. Foxx -‘Trying To Be Good.’ mp3

Very exciting news!


We are extremely excited that the Last Battle, who released their debut single ‘Ruins’ this week on 17 Seconds Records (17SEC19) will be supporting Withered Hand at the Electric Circus in Edinburgh on August 17.

Withered Hand’s debut album Good News was one of THE releases of last year; I interviewed Dan Willson in January and he’s a fantastic bloke. Interestingly, both bands have worked with Neil Pennycook of Meursault, whose profile continues to rise with slots at Glastonbury and T in the Park. If you haven’t got Meursault’s albums, you are letting yourself down, badly.

Last Battle -‘Black Waterfall.’ mp3

Last Battle -‘Ward 119.’ mp3

Meursault -‘Crank Resolutions.’ mp3

In other news, I’ve been offered my own radio show on Fresh Air radio, the local student radio station in Edinburgh.

very excited too…watch this space…

Withered hand Interview


Withered Hand’s debut album, Good News, rightly gained excellent reviews across the board when it was released in September last year. One of many people who’d been blown away by it when I heard it, I got in touch with Dan Willson to meet him face to face for a chat.

When I meet him at Edinburgh’s Southern Cross cafe, Dan comes across as a very warm, friendly guy. Now aged thirty five, he’s been in Edinburgh for thirteen years, living here with his young family. The fact that he’s doing Withered Hand at all is quite some considerable feat. He relaxes during the course of our interview but admits “I wasn’t the one expected to do this. If you’d seen me at school you wouldn’t have thought I’d be doing this.” Dan’s a shy man, and admits that he had to force himself to get on stage.

It’s been an interesting path that’s brought him to Edinburgh and to performing as Withered Hand. Born in the Hertfordshire town of Bishop’s Stortford, he moved to London at Hornsey School Of Art, part of Middlesex University. Not before having experiences that shaped his writing.

One of the points I made when I reviewed Good News was that key song ‘Religious Songs’ has “the sense of someone who has found himself trapped in an evangelical church during a communion service comes across very strongly in this album.” It appears this is very much the case.

“ I was brought up as an evangelical Christian. I used to knock on doors: “Do you want to be part of paradise?” That line [in ‘Religious Songs’] where I sing about “I’m knocking on Kevin’s front door.” That really happened, I remember thinking “I’m going to die at school.” But it was okay, though.”

Of course, teenage years are sometime behind him now, and he agrees with me when I say that this seems to be written very much from the point of view of someone in his thirties. It’s only really in his thirties that he’s started writing songs. When Withered Hand started, he started on his own “going out on a limb. People encouraged me to do it. They offered to play with me and it would help.”

Though Dan is the main person focus of Withered Hand, there are other people who have helped to bring his music into being and reach the public. Sometimes live ‘it’s just me – and if someone else comes then it’s a nice surprise.’ Neil Pennycook from Meursault is “really skilful at recording.” Bart from eagleowl was “really encouraging” and the album was recorded with the help of Pete Harvey (of The Leg and Meursault) and Alun Thomas (The Leg). Alun Thomas’s bedroom proved to be the location for the recording of the album.

Two other people have also helped birth Good News. The album was produced by American producer Kramer, who has worked (amongst others) with Galaxie 500, Low and Luna. “I put demos online and got a message from him. He [Kramer] must sit in doors all day…’ he marvels. “He said that if I had more songs like (album track) ‘Cornflake’ he’d work with me.” And indeed he did. While there is no question that Dan’s work is born of the D-I-Y ethos, he states quite simply ‘I can’t record myself to my satisfaction.’

Another person who is singled out as having helped him along is Ed Pybus, of Edinburgh’s SL Records. Having put out records by Misty’s Big Adventure, Saint Jude’s Infirmary, Dawn Of the Replicants and most famously, Ballboy, Ed Pybus has been running one of Edinburgh’s most successful labels for over thirteen years. Although the first EP ‘Religious Songs’ came out on Bear Scotland, it became an exhausting process putting out his own records. As Dan puts it ‘I got fed up with making trips to the post office.’

The thought being on a major label doesn’t appeal to him much either. ‘Being on a major label…you get chewed up and spat out,’ he shudders. ‘If you get signed to a big label, you lose all of your creative control. I might become a celebrity, but who wants that, truly?’ The D-I-Y ethos seems to be strongly ingrained within him. When I ask him if he feels that even in this day and age there still seems to be a bit of a boy’s club feel to the music industry, he stresses that he ‘feels no need to be part of that mentality.’ He adds: “It’s important that people don’t lose sight of what they’re doing and become what they were in opposition to in the first place.’

Edinburgh’s music scene has really developed over the last few years. I ask him what he thinks has helped create this. It’s not that there hasn’t been a music scene here, but at time’s it’s seemed positively subterranean. ‘There’s more accessible venues. And for me personally, D-I-Y promoters. Emily from Tracer Trails has been very supportive. And Bart [Owl] has been putting shows on in Leith.”

Yet he’s clearly breaking through to a wider audience, and those people who have heard him hold him in high esteem. ‘I’m intrigued by people’s reaction. It’s different now I’ve been produced by Kramer. Between Kramer and Kenny [Anderson, aka King Creosote] I’ve been able to bend people’s ears about what to do. This album has broadened my audience. If I go back to making scratchy stuff…maybe some will stick with it.”

When I ask him what he’s up to for the rest of 2010, it seems what he’s really like is a break. There’s upcoming dates both in England and further afield in Europe. He will also be making a return to Homegame, the Fife Festival in Anstruther, put together by the Fence Collective.

We should not, however, take a second album for granted. The upcoming Withered Hand tour supporting Benny Hemm Hemm in Europe is, he admits, a massive pressure on him. He clearly isn’t relishing the thought of being away from his wife and children for any length of time. Then of course, there’s the matter of actually writing one. “ I write at a glacial pace. I’d rather not write anything than just because someone wants me to write something.” He adds, dreamily, “What I’d really like to do is to write a graphic novel.”

Dan Willson, ladies and gentlemen: treasure him in whatever form you have him.

Withered Hand -‘Religious Songs.’ mp3

Good News and the two EPs ‘You’re Not Alone’ and ‘Religious Songs’ are out now, on SL Records, including from iTunes or direct from SL records.

He is playing live as follows
28 Jan Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen; 29 Jan 17:00 rpm records, Newcastle; 29 Jan 2010 20:00 Morden Tower, Newcastle; 25 Feb London Popfest @ Cafe OTO (solo set) w/ Rose Melberg and more; 18 Mar 2010 Mono, Glasgow; 20 Mar Limbo @ Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh w/friends

He is then on tour with Benni Hemm Hemm in Europe as follows:
5 Apr Bibelot, Dordrecht; 7 Apr D:Qliq, Luxembourg; 14 Apr Chelsea, Vienna; 16 Apr E-Werk, Erlangen; 17 Apr Glashaus, Berlin; 18 Apr Hafenklang, Hamburg

Withered hand website/Withered Hand myspace

Album Review – Withered Hand


Withered Hand -‘Good News’ (SL Records)

So, yes. This has been out for three months now. I’d been trying to buy a copy for ages, and then when all hope seemed gone, Ed Pybus who runs SL Records got in touch. They were waiting for fresh stock, but in the meantime, here was a free download copy. Bless you.

Withered Hand is the work of one man from Edinburgh, Dan Willson. Hotly acclaimed and rightly so, for his two EPs Religious Songs and You’re Not Alone, this album was produced by the legendary Kramer, who has worked with Low, Galaxie 500 and Daniel Johnstone. So, for starters, it sounds absolutely great.

But that’s far from being all. He writes great songs, does our Mr. Willson, neat melodies, but his overall strength is as a lyricist. ‘Religious Songs’ itself manages to gently work in (rather than cram) more lyrical ideas and thoughts in four and a half minutes than some people manage in an entire career. Themes about religion (the sense of someone who has found himself trapped in an evangelical church during a communion service comes across very strongly in this album, though I may be reading way too much into it), masturbation, love, sex…if anyone thinks that sincerity is dead in the British Isles and we’re all obssessed with being ironic, they should listen to this album. ‘I knew you so long I ran out of cool things to say’ he sings on ‘Religious Songs.’ I challenge any hipster to come out with a line as good as that. Or indeed ‘I beat myself off when I sleep on your futon/I walk in the rain with my second-hand suit on.’ It’s not, say, Rum Sodomy and the Lash, but you might not want to play this album in front of your grandparents or anyone of a slightly, shall we say, conservative nature.

Their loss, though. Because this album grabs you from the first listen. And it becomes as addictive as a Class-A drug (though presumably without the health side effects. I’m guessing). Over the last ten days this has barely been away from the stereo, and even though I got a copy for free I’m going to buy it again. Because that’s the kind of recognition and seal of approval it deserves. Songs like ‘Providence’ and ‘No Cigarettes’ should be heard by as many people as possible. SL Records may well have signed one of Scotland’s best ever songwriters. And you can quote me on that.

This was, deservedly, in many people’s end of year best of lists. And I’m now thinking these things should be done a little while later. Get yourself a copy, somehow.


Withered hand -‘Religious Songs.’ mp3

Looking for more ideas for Christmas?


So, it’s six days to go to Christmas, and you’re still wondering what to get various family and friends for Christmas. The head of a banker on a plate? Tempting. The heads of David Cameron and Gordon Brown? Maybe, maybe. Simon Cowell’s soul? You can’t buy what doesn’t exist. Or was it sold for thirty pieces of silver many years ago?

Anyway…confessions of a justified snipper aside, why not bear in mind these great presents from the scottish music scene, as stocking fillers or whatever, depending on your budgets and generosity?

First up, Avalanche Records have put together a rather fine compilation that retails for just £5 of excellent scottish bands doing Christmas songs. It does include our very own X-Lion Tamer doing a song called ‘Little Drum Machine Boy’ (no, not the one that Beck was doing that still does the rounds on the internet). As Tony T said himself, it’s nice to be competing with the big boys. The tracklisting is as follows.

1. There Will Be Fireworks – In Excelsis Deo
2. The Savings & Loan – Christmastime in the Mountains
3. Rob St John – December & Whisky
4. Frightened Rabbit – It’s Christmas So We’ll Stop
5. Pictish Trail – But Once a Year
6. Eagleowl – Sleep the Winter
7. Withered Hand – It’s a Wonderful Lie
8. Meursault – Christmas in Kirkcaldy
9. Emily Scott – Holy
10. Money Can’t Buy music – Atoms
11. Saint Jude’s Infirmary – Xmas in New York
12. Broken Records – All So Tired
13. Ballboy – Shallow Footprints in the Snow
14. X-Lion Tamer – Little Drum Machine Boy
15. Zoey Van Goey – In Scotland it Never Snowed, In Canada it Did

If you can’t get to Edinburgh why not order it here?

The Withered Hand single has also been made available as a free download (if you give free downloads as a christmas present you are taking Presbyterianism to frightening levels) so why not check it out if you still haven’t?

Withered Hand -‘It’s A Wonderful Lie.’ mp3

Meanwhile, Meursault made one of last year’s best albums in Pissing On Bonfires/ Kissing With Tongues. This year has seen them release the excellent Nothing Broke EP and also two 7″ singles “William Henry Miller Pt.1” and er, “William Henry Miller Pt. 2” You can buy the 7″s individually for £3 or together for £5. These can be found at Avalanche or ordered direct from Song By Toad Records here

Meursault -‘William Henry Miller.’ Pt 1

…as indeed can the excellent six track EP Matter by Jesus H. Foxx, which I have frothed about many times and which includes this excellent track:

Jesus H. Foxx -‘I’m Half The Man You Were.’ mp3

I’m still kicking myself for not having managed to see eagleowl yet -they have just released a stunning single ‘Sleep the Winter’/’Laughter’ which I have played incessantly. Their debut EP For The Thoughts You Never Had appears to have sold out, though I have seen a copy in Avalanche. The 7″ is beautifully packaged and worth every penny of the £4 or so. See here or here.

eagleowl -‘Laughter.’ mp3

This year has seen amazing debuts from many Scottish bands, all of whom should be on your Christmas present list – or on the list of things you thought you’d get other people. This should include the self-titled albums from both The Gothenburg Address and There Will Be Fireworks.

There Will Be Fireworks -‘Foreign Thoughts.’ mp3

Chemikal Underground continue to amaze all as ever, with their debuts from The Phantom band Checkmate Savage and Lord Cut-Glass’ self-titled debut (AKA Alun Woodward from the Delgados)

Phantom Band -‘Folksong Oblivion.’ mp3

Lord Cut-Glass -‘Even Jesus Couldn’t Love You.’ mp3

And if you’re still searching for more ideas for the music fan in your life, check the Scottish BaMS list (of which i am proud to be one!) here on Peenko, where we were asked for our views on the best albums of 2009 or indeed my own best of year list.

Gig Review: Broken Records/Jesus H. Foxx/Withered Hand


Broken Records/Jesus H.Foxx/Withered Hand

Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh December 9, 2009

The last time I saw Broken Records at Cabaret Voltaire was August 2007. It was the first time I had encountered them, and they were there as the support act to Emma Pollock, then just about to release her debut solo album Watch The Fireworks. At first we gasped at how they could possibly manage to fit seven people on what is a tiny stage. Then we were blown away by the sound of a band later described by one monthly magazine (clue: it rhymes with ‘Poo’) as ‘what Nirvana would have sounded like if they’d formed in Belarus instead of Seattle. There are bands that have come along subsequently that have tried to persue similar terrain – check out the recent solo album by Wojtek Godzisz- but BR are perusing their own way through their musical life.

And the thing is, Broken Records have now got people from far and wide focusing on Edinburgh and realising that it has much to offer muscially as a city. Sure, history has seen Edinburgh giving the world Aberfeldy, Idlewild, the Fire Engines etc.. but Edinburgh now has a myriad of bands of many different styles kicking a serious amount of arse.*

And two of these bands are here in support tonight. To my shame, it’s the first time I have seen either of them, but it sure as heck will not be the last. First on are Withered Hand. Dan and assorted friends saw the release of their debut LP Good News this year on SL Records. Having released two EPS and the aforementioned album, it is clear that Dan has got into his stride and has written some amazing songs. ‘No Cigarettes’ ‘Religious Songs’ and special new Christmas song ‘It’s A Wonderful Lie’ (see link at the bottom) are fine, worthy additions to the scottish songbook of the decade.

Jesus H. Foxx are normally a seven piece, with two drummers. Tonight there’s just (ha!) the six of them. Their fine set open with ‘I’m Half The Man You Were’ from their fine EP Matter, released on Song, By Toad Records. Matthew from that fine blog and label joins Mrs. 17 Seconds and I and it’s clear he feels they’ve made a whole heap of progress since he first saw them. B-side to first 7″ ‘Tightt Ideas’ (sic) ‘This Is Not A Rental Car sounds particularly fine live, and they finish with ‘O Messy Life.’ Next year should see the release of their debut album. Put me down for a copy, folks.

By the time Broken Records come on, the place is heaving, and I suspect Cab Volt, as it’s known locally, could well have been sold out many times over. They open with ‘Nearly Home’ and it feels like the sound of heroes returning home. By the time they are onto their third song ‘If Eilert Loevborg Wrote A Song It Would Sound Like This’ I’m almost as sweaty as Jamie is on stage, and rueing that I want to dance like a Cosack and there’s just no bloody space. ‘Wolves’ is fantastically intense. They finish with early single and album closer ‘Slow Parade’ and I’m reminded not only that this is many people’s album of the year but just how amazing a live band Broken Records are. They work in different environments and adjust accordingly -this is a totally different vibe to their gig earlier this year at the Queen’s Hall.

Except…it’s not quite the end. Tallah from Jesus H.Foxx comes on to join the band for an endearingly shambolic run-through the festive fave ‘Fairytale Of New York’ and even with the two of them reading the lyrics off sheets, nothing removes the magic. They finish, and the crowd patiently makes its’ way up to street level to the sound of Tom Waits’ ‘Christmas Card from A Hooker In Minneapolis.’

Broken Records said that this will be their last gig for a while as they intend to work on their sophomore album, due for release in September next year. Take as long as it takes, guys. We’ll wait.

Withered hand -‘It’s A Wonderful Lie.’ mp3

Jesus H. Foxx -‘I’m Half The Man You Were.’ mp3

Broken Records -‘If The News Makes You Sad, Don’t Watch It.’ mp3

*Meursault, X-Lion Tamer, Chris Bradley, eagleowl, Blueflint, Lord Rochester…