Just a quick one…2

Back to school tomorrow (though trying not to think about it!) so here’s a quick update on two bands:

Though their third album may be a while away, Franz Ferdinand have contributed a track to Hallam Foe, and just in case anyone didn’t pick up on this a few months ago, this was their cover of the LCD Soundsystem single which was on formats of that single when it came out in the UK a few months ago.

Franz Ferdinand -‘Hallam Foe Dandelion Blow.’ mp3

Franz Ferdinand -‘All My Friends (LCD Soundsystem cover). mp3

Meanwhile, Working For a Nuclear Free City are due to issue their debut in the US in drastically altered form. Check their Myspace site for details: here

Working For a Nuclear Free City -‘Over.’ mp3

Working For A Nuclear Free City -‘All American Taste.’ mp3

If you like what you hear, support the bands and your local independent record shop!

Working For A Nuclear Free City

Oh, God bless AmpCamp and MySpace. No, seriously.

Whilst flicking through the web earlier on, the aforementioned ampcamp mentioned Working For A Nuclear Free City. The description, of this band who hail from Manchester, with impeccably cool sounding Manchester sound (no, definitely do not mean Madchester) have swept me off my feet, er, sonically speaking.
It took me a while to find their MySpace, largely because it’s www.myspace.com/wfanfc (that could have been hours spent googling). I was NOT disappointed – to the extent that having listened to all four tracks streamed there, I went and bought their album. They might be indie, they might be dance, but this is not a Madchester re-hash, nor yet another band claiming to be influenced by Gang Of Four etc… So many bands claim to be influenced by violently cool names and yet re-hash the Beatles; rather like the X-Vectors, they are a band with a lot of dance influences.

I can only recommend that you go to their MySpace page, hear the tracks for yourself, and check out these two posts at The white Noise revisited: here and here. They have hints of acts as diverse as the Doves, Happy Mondays and A Certain Ratio – yet there’s something else too…
Now do yourself a favour and go and buy the album, either on CD or even better, on vinyl.