Presenting…Velvet Morning

velvet morning

As you might guess from both a) the picture above and b) their name, there’s a bit of a Velvet Underground vibe going on here. But added to that it’s quietly psychedelic too, meaning it’s both East and West Coast…? No doubt you can tell who they’ve been listening to, but it’s not important. Once you’ve heard this, you’ll want to listen to Velvet Morning for themselves.

Shortly to release their debut EP Velvet Moon on February 24, the band are Samuel Jones (Vocals/Guitars), John Kirkwood (Bass), Luke Elgar (Guitar) and Chris Richardson (Drums). The EP is fantastic, you can stream three tracks below…and I think their future is very bright indeed.

The long-awaited sophomore album from Withered Hand

Withered Hand New Gods

It seems like it’s been a long time coming, but the long-awaited sophomore album from Dan Willson AKA Withered Hand will be released on March 10 via Fortuna POP! in Europe and Slumberland in North America.

New Gods is the follow-up to 2009’s Good News and the list of who is involved includes a veritable who’s who of the Scottish indie scene of the last 25 years. That’s people like King Creosote, The Vaselines’ Eugene Kelly, Belle & Sebastian’s Stevie Jackson and Chris Geddes,and Frightened Rabbit’s Scott Hutchison. Not only that, but the album was produced by Tony Doogan, who’s helmed records by Teenage Fanclub, Belle & Sebastian and Mogwai.

The tracklisting for the album is as follows:

1. Horseshoe
2. Black Tambourine
3. Love Over Desire
4. King Of Hollywood
5. California
6. Fall Apart
7. Between True Love And Ruin
8. Life Of Doubt
9. New Gods
10. Heart Heart
11. Not Alone

‘Black Tambourine’ was in my Festive Fifty last year and ‘Horseshoe’ is the new single. Get your ears round these. The album has just arrived at 17 Seconds Towers today and I’m one very happy bunny. It sounds awesome so far!

Album Review – Bwani Junction

Bwani Junction

Bwani Junction -‘Tongue of Bombie’ (Aksatak)

Edinburgh’s Bwani Junction made a great start with their debut album Fully Cocked a couple of years ago. Barely out of school, said album was a mixture of indie rock with African Rhythms and guitars ( – lead guitarist Dan Muir was taught to play by legendary Zimbabwean band the Bhundu Boys, who his father Gordon managed). And here comes the long-awaited sophomore release.

Interviewing the band back in November, when I asked where the sophomore album was – and they were being quite cagey about the name – they told me it was finished and ready to go. Despite the wait, they are prolific writers (I ran into the aforementioned Dan Muir a couple of weeks later and he played me an as yet unnamed track from their third album) but they obviously wanted to be ready.

And it’s the sophomore album that people hoped for. It still sounds like Bwani Junction, but it’s darker and more grown-up (to say ‘mature’ would sound like they were making music for people well…older than yours truly). The four opening tracks have already done the rounds as singles – and in the hand of a lesser band, the album could tail off after that. But Bwani Junction are not a lesser band, and songs like ‘Jawbone Walk’ and ‘Auctioneer’ more than hold their own up against what we’ve heard before. Sure there’s strill the African influence but there’s probably far more in common with The Libertines and Arctic Monkeys, than a certain band from North America who based much of their early career ripping off Graceland

There have been a few people in their hometown of Edinburgh who have slagged off the band because they went to private school – which seems like rather bizarre logic, after all, so did Radiohead, The Strokes and Joe Strummer. This says more about the prejudices of those who criticise them than it does about the band. They’re exactly where they should be – and their third album will hopefully continue the upward trend.


Tongue Of Bombie is out now

Why we need libraries

Libraries. Amongst the most important places in any society. As the Manic Street Preachers once sang ‘Libraries gave us power – then work came and made us free.’
Closing libraries

There are those who just see them as a place for people to get Mills and Boon books. They are for that – but books on any subject under the sun. To get CDs and DVDs from. To educate, to inform, to comfort and stimulate. Damn it, I’m proud to work for library services, and I see a big link between music and literature for my own life (see here).

It’s Love Your Library Day This Saturday in the UK. My own employers have got lots on this coming week (see here for more details

Watch this video ‘We Need Libraries’ by One Man And His Beard. Go along and support your local library. Not just this Saturday, but every week. If you honestly think Libraries aren’t worth fighting for – you ain’t worth pitying.

‘Anyone who doesn’t love libraries is a complete and utter twit.’ Stuart MacBride, Scottish author.



This much I know about Jadeite:

1. They come from Copenhagen.
2. They are a duo consisting of Niels Henrik Egsgaard and Kim Vinkel
3. They appear to have been formed as recently as 2014 (i.e. it is quite conceivable they have barely been going for a month)
4. They have issued just one song so far called ‘Electricity’ which is taken from their forthcoming album Frostbites, due for release later this year.
5. They claim influences like Battles, Can and Swans – and the evidence of ‘Electricity’ would appear that this is the case.
6. The three press photos they have issued so far do not have any pictures of the band.
7. They were raised by wolves.

Stream and download ‘Electricity’ below