Tigerfest is go! (part 2)


Withered hand – joining an excellent lineup at Tigerfest 2010.

That rather fab Tigerfest lineup in full…


Wed 5
Blueflint / Andi Neate / Andy Tucker & The Scattered Family, @ Electric Circus (White Noise night). 7pm, £3

Thu 6
Phoebe Kreutz / Casey / Emily Scott / The Stantons, @ Wee Red Bar. 7pm, £6

Sun 9
17 Seconds Records night: X-Lion Tamer / The Wildhouse / The Gothenburg Address, @ Roxy Art House. 7pm, £6

Tue 11
TV21 / Boycotts / Midas Fall, @ Cabaret Voltaire. 7pm, £7

Wed 12
is this music? presents: Jesus H. Foxx / There Will Be Fireworks, @ Electric Circus (White Noise night). 7pm, £3

Thu 13
17 Seconds Records night: Chris Bradley / Dirty Cuts / Last Battle, @ Roxy Art House. 7pm, £6

Fri 14
Martin Stephenson / Alex Cornish, @ Wee Red Bar. 7pm, £10


Thu 20 May
Ambulances / Vertis / Crayons. 7.30pm, £5

Fri 21 May
Fence Records night: King Creosote / Withered Hand / Rozi Plain. 7.30pm, £10

Sat 22 May
Malcolm Middleton / Spare Snare. 7.30pm, £10


Fri 21 May
The Unwinding Hours / Katerwaul, @ Tunnels (Interesting Music Promotions). 8pm, £8 / £6

…and no, for the umpteenth time, the Gothenburg Address are not signed to 17 Seconds Records. But – rather like with Midas Fall – I felt they should be on the festival.

A few more sounds to whet your appetite…

King Creosote -‘Klutz.’ mp3

Ambulances -‘Cease To Exist.’ mp3

Malcolm Middleton -‘Red Travellin’ Socks.’ mp3

Unwinding Hours -‘Knut.’ mp3

Withered Hand -‘Religious Songs.’ mp3

Album Review – The Unwinding Hours


The Unwinding Hours -‘The Unwinding Hours (Chemikal Underground).’

Fifteen years into their existence, Glasgow’s Chemikal Underground label continue to put out music that makes you realise just how essential they are to the development of music in Scotland and further afield. It may even make sense to speak of there beinga ‘Chemikal Underground aesthetic’ and the latest release from The Unwinding Hours is a welcome addition to a fine catalogue that includes some of the greatest albums of the last fifteen years, period.

That’s not to say that the debut from the Unwinding Hours is going over old ground. Far from it. As has been documented over the last month, The Unwinding Hours is a project from Iain Cook and Craig B of the much-missed Aereogramme. Nut to dismiss this simply as Arereogramme part 2 would be to miss the point. The Unwinding Hours are a great act in their own right, and the whispers about how good this album is are getting louder and louder.

It starts off with the fantastic ‘Knut’ which has beeen doing the rounds as a free download for sometime now. The greatest track of the year so far, it is indicative of how strong the album is, but is far from being followed by a succession of songs that sound exactly like it. ‘Tightrope’ is gently anthemic and ‘Solstice’ has hints of electronica. Yet still the power of the full-on from a whisper to a scream crescendoes makes its’ presence felt, as does the beautiful sadness that hangs over

Perhaps what makes this album so special is that rather than being conceived as a result of a few jams or hastily written songs, it had a slow and gentle gestation period. Bizarrely, when Craig started writing the songs he wasn’t even expecting a commercial release. Now there are tentative plans for a second album.

On the evidence of this, yes please, and in your own time, guys. If this isn’t a frequent appearance on the end of year best-of lists, then people have no ears.

The Unwinding Hours -‘Knut.’ mp3

The Unwinding Hours is out now on CD and download on Chemikal Underground. The vinyl will be available from March 15.

The Unwinding Hours’ website/The Unwinding Hours myspace

Presenting…the Unwinding Hours


Two days before Valentine’s day, I have fallen head over heels in love.

‘Knut’ by the Unwinding Hours is the best track I have heard so far this year.

That’s not hyperbole, just honest fact. It’s how I feel. It’s epic, beautiful and needs to be heard.

Iain b and Craig Cook were together for ten years in the fantastic and criminally underrated Aereogramme. These Glasgow lads are now collaborating together again, and are just about to release their first self-titled album this coming Monday.

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Knut
2. Tightrope
3. Little One
4. There Are Worse Things Than Being Alone
5. Solstice
6. Peaceful Liquid Shell
7. Child
8. Traces
9. Annie Jane
10. The Final Hour

Unwinding Hours -‘Knut.’ mp3

Their website is live from Monday, and there’s another lovely track on their myspace which is the demo of ‘Solstice.’ There’s not a lot more info out there that I can find at the moment – two upcoming gigs in Glasgow and they played their first gig together as the Unwinding Hours at Celtic Connections in Glasgow last month.

Oh, and on the basis of ‘Knut’ the album is going to be a stormer. Get out there and get it! (come Monday, obviously)