Tigerfest is go! (part 3)


Tigerfest begins today in Edinburgh.

Very excited and looking forward to tonight’s first gig.

Please note: the Phoebe Kreuz gig on Thursday May 6 has had to be cancelled as the band are stranded in Berlin due to Volcanic Ash.

Also: the Gothenburg Address are unable to play on May 9, and their place has been taken by White Heath.

With a look ahead to tonight’s gig…

Blueflint -‘Takes More Than A Little Time.’ mp3

Tigerfest is go! (part 2)


Withered hand – joining an excellent lineup at Tigerfest 2010.

That rather fab Tigerfest lineup in full…


Wed 5
Blueflint / Andi Neate / Andy Tucker & The Scattered Family, @ Electric Circus (White Noise night). 7pm, £3

Thu 6
Phoebe Kreutz / Casey / Emily Scott / The Stantons, @ Wee Red Bar. 7pm, £6

Sun 9
17 Seconds Records night: X-Lion Tamer / The Wildhouse / The Gothenburg Address, @ Roxy Art House. 7pm, £6

Tue 11
TV21 / Boycotts / Midas Fall, @ Cabaret Voltaire. 7pm, £7

Wed 12
is this music? presents: Jesus H. Foxx / There Will Be Fireworks, @ Electric Circus (White Noise night). 7pm, £3

Thu 13
17 Seconds Records night: Chris Bradley / Dirty Cuts / Last Battle, @ Roxy Art House. 7pm, £6

Fri 14
Martin Stephenson / Alex Cornish, @ Wee Red Bar. 7pm, £10


Thu 20 May
Ambulances / Vertis / Crayons. 7.30pm, £5

Fri 21 May
Fence Records night: King Creosote / Withered Hand / Rozi Plain. 7.30pm, £10

Sat 22 May
Malcolm Middleton / Spare Snare. 7.30pm, £10


Fri 21 May
The Unwinding Hours / Katerwaul, @ Tunnels (Interesting Music Promotions). 8pm, £8 / £6

…and no, for the umpteenth time, the Gothenburg Address are not signed to 17 Seconds Records. But – rather like with Midas Fall – I felt they should be on the festival.

A few more sounds to whet your appetite…

King Creosote -‘Klutz.’ mp3

Ambulances -‘Cease To Exist.’ mp3

Malcolm Middleton -‘Red Travellin’ Socks.’ mp3

Unwinding Hours -‘Knut.’ mp3

Withered Hand -‘Religious Songs.’ mp3

17 Seconds Records’ update


Lots happening over the next couple of months with the label…

Over the next week alone, we have Chris Bradley doing a live session for Leith FM on Friday at 3PM (as it happens just three days after labelmates The Last Battle played!) and Chris will also be doing an instore at Avalanche Glasgow on April 7 at 5PM. Chris’ album At the Outpost came out on Monday and has some great praise, and is available online and at good indie shops, including Rough Trade, Avalanche, Coda, Underground Solush’n and now Fopp too! If you like things digital, try iTunes or eMusic. Please leave feedback!

The Dirty Cuts are back in the studio and over the next wee while they will be playing in Glasgow, London and Edinburgh – check their myspace for details. Their follow-up to debut single ‘2 Page Spread’ should be out very soon. As ever watch this space and hassle yr local station/indie club/blogger about them.

The next release from the label will be the ‘One EP’ by the Factory Kids. This will be available as a five-track download EP from all good download stores from April 12, and this is 17SEC18, our fourteenth musical release as a label. In the name of promotion and friendship (umm, or something) we’d like to offer ‘Factory Crease’ as a free download:

Factory Kids -‘Holiday Crease.’ mp3

Aberfeldy, Escape Act and The Wildhouse have all been getting studio tans (!), and both The Last Battle and David Scott albums should be out over the next few months. There will also be more stuff to come from X-Lion Tamer very soon…

If you read the post below you will see that we’re very involved with Tigerfest this year, with X-Lion Tamer, Chris Bradley, The Dirty Cuts, the Wildhouse and The Last Battle making appearances.

And before the month is out, a very special night at Limbo in Edinburgh. See the poster at the top!


Tigerfest 2010 is go!


Last year, Tigerfest 2009 had a 17 Seconds Records night, which featured Aberfeldy and X-Lion Tamer (above).

This year, yours truly has been involved in putting the festival together, alongside Neil and Stuart who have done it since its’ inception in 2004.

The line-up this year is truly spectacular, and the Edinburgh leg (with Dunfermline to be announced very soon) takes place between May 5-14.

Amongst those playing are (deep breath): Martin Stephenson, There Will be Fireworks, Jesus H. Foxx, Emily Scott, Midas Fall, The Gothenburg Address, TV21, Alex Cornish, Andi Neate, Andy Tucker, Casey, the Stantons, the Boycotts and Phoebe Kreutz. Over the TWO 17 Seconds nights the following will be appearing from the label: X-Lion Tamer, The Last Battle, Chris Bradley, The Dirty Cuts and The Wildhouse.

Tomorrow I will put up the full listings but to whet your appetite, what better than some music?

Blueflint -‘Takes More Than A Little Time.’ mp3

Jesus H. Foxx -‘I’m Half The Man You Were.’ mp3

X-Lion Tamer -‘Life Support Machine.’ mp3

Chris Bradley -‘Golden Girl.’ mp3

Dirty Cuts -‘Lips.’ mp3

The Wildhouse -‘Ficca.’ mp3

Midas Fall -‘Movie Screens.’ mp3