Some Covers For Friday

Now that I have finally got the hang of how to get stuff from CD converted into mp3 (like everything; easy WHEN you know how!), I thought I would delve through my CD singles (I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of any more, even though I don’t play them very often) and post some covers. In the world of the mp3 blogs it seems that people often stick covers up on the weekend. Well, no time like the present.

Please note: all the singles I refer to here are the UK releases. If iTunes cannot help you, try ebay

This track was originally on the ‘Carnival’ single in 1995. Whilst some of their later releases could be rockier, does anyone else think The Cardigans sounded quite ‘twee’ circa the Life album? Check that name for starters. Though not many twee indiepop bands tended to cover Ozzy Osbourne. As far as I know.

Cardigans – ‘Mr. Crowley (Ozzy Osbourne cover).’ mp3

This track was originally recorded for the Leonard Cohen tribute album I’m Your Fan (ouch!), and also turned up on the CD single to ‘Drive’ in 1992.

REM -‘First We Take Manhattan (Leonard Cohen cover).’ mp3

This track was on the ‘Kowalski’ single in 1997, a cover of the track from the Clash’s Combat Rock album.

Primal Scream -‘Know Your Rights (Clash cover).’ mp3

I cannot say I was ever a huge Robert Palmer fan, and the album this song originally was on, Clues, did little to alter that. This track, though, is a classic and was used for numerous years to advertise Vauxhall cars in the UK (Opel to any any European readers). Placebo’s cover appeared on one of the CD singles of ‘Taste In Men.’

Placebo -‘Johnny And Mary (Robert Palmer cover).’ mp3

John Lennon’s anti-war activities unnerved Richard Nixon. Rather like upsetting the Daily Mail (a UK newspaper that is just poison on paper and reminds you of the downsides of free speech) this is probably A GOOD THING. This cover, by Mercury Rev, appeared on the re-issue of ‘Goddess on A Hiway’ in 1999.

Mercury Rev-‘I Don’t Want To Be A Soldier (John Lennon cover).’ mp3

I was really tempted to post Johnny Cash’s version of ‘Hurt,’ because it is so good, but then it occured to me that the song has been posted a hell of a lot. So, why not post his cover of Glen Campbell’s ‘Wichita Lineman,’ which was recorded for American IV: The Man Comes Around, but is only on the vinyl version of the album and the ‘Hurt/Personal Jesus’ CD single.

Johnny Cash -‘Wichita Lineman (Glen Campbell cover).’ mp3

Gang Of Four’s Entertainment! has really come back into vogue with all those bands showing ‘post-punk’ influences. Apparently not a single, but this was covered by Idlewild on their ‘Live In A Hiding Place’ single.

Idlewild -‘I Found That Essence Rare (Gang Of Four cover).’ mp3

Michael Jackson, whatever the problems he has had (and I really can’t be bothered to go into it all here), has been responsible for some fantastic music. Ian Brown is a man who knows this, and told us via his ‘Dolphins Were Monkeys’ single.

Ian Brown -‘Dolphins Were Monkeys (Michael Jackson cover).’ mp3

One of my claims to fame is that in 1991, I was in the audience at the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party when Philip Schofield took the mick out of Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine for their name – and guitarist Fruitbat decked him. On Live Television. Considering what a ‘family-orientated’ show it was (Salt ‘n’ Pepa couldn’t perform
‘ Let’s Talk About Sex’ because it mentioned sex, and performed a far inferior tune instead), Carter were performing ‘After The Watershed,’ which dealt with the issue of child abuse. The single contained their cover of the Inspiral Carpets ‘This Is How It Feels’, and my brother and I have always felt it superior. My brother recently got the chance to meet Jim Bob, the other Carter guy, who is by all accounts, a thoroughly decent bloke.

Carter USM -‘This Is How It Feels (Inspiral Carpets cover).’ mp3

Teenage Fanclub. A legendary Scottish band who covered a Bevis Frond song and according to Nick Salmond of the Frond, earned him more money than anything else. BMX Bandits. A legendary Scottish band who covered a Teenage Fanclub song which featured a Kylie lookalike in the video. Singer Duglas T. Stewart once (*allegedly) tried to copy the K Foundation by burning all the profits from his career on the radio. Predictably, the 50p piece failed to catch alight.

BMX Bandits -‘Kylie’s Got A Crush On Us (Teenage Fanclub cover).’ mp3

OK, you should know the drill by now. These covers will be up here for one week only. If you like them, support the artists involved, and with covers, make sure you also investigate the original if you haven’t already.

Have a good one, Ed x

150th post!

Hi there.

well, it’s continuing to be a journey as I get my head around the technology, but I thought I would give you ten great tracks from five great bands, to celebrate my 150th post here at 17 Seconds.

First of all, what better way to start than the song that gave this blog its title and the first hit for my favourite ever group The Cure

The Cure-‘Seventeen Seconds.’ mp3

The Cure-‘A Forest.’ mp3

Buy Seventeen Seconds here

Next up, rumours have been flying across the blogs that these guys might reform. Having missed them thr first time round, it would be kinda cool… The first track is from their debut ep Ride, and the second is from their debut album Nowhere. The coda on Vapour Trail is just gorgeous.

Ride-‘Drive Blind.’ mp3

Ride-‘Vapour Trail.’ mp3

Buy OX4-the Best Of Ride here

These guys have gone from squat punks to post-punk visionaries to new pop to hip-hop to…still bloody amazing. This is their first single, from 1978 and their excellent 1981 single, which features the keyboards of one Robert Wyatt. bear in mind, if you haven’t heard any Scritti pre-‘Wood Beez’ you may be takken aback.

Scritti Politti -‘Skank Bloc Bologna.’ mp3

Scritti Politti-‘The ‘Sweetest Girl.’.’ mp3

Buy Early by Scritti Politti here

You can never have too much Scottish indie (certainly not as far as this block’s concerned!), so the next brace is the first two Orange Juice singles, released on the seminal Postcard label:

Orange Juice-‘Falling And Laughing.’ mp3

Orange Juice-‘Blue Boy.’ mp3

buy The Glasgow School here

Finally, one recent purchase was the first two, re-issued Ian McCulloch albums, now re-issued on CD with bonus tracks. The first track here is the album Candleland‘s first single, and the second is a re-recording featuring none other than Elizabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins. Enjoy!

Ian McCulloch-‘Proud To Fall.’ mp3

Ian McCulloch featuring Elizabeth Fraser -‘Candleland (The Second Coming).’ mp3

Buy Candleland here

As always, support the artists involved. These links will be up for one week only. Cake, anyone?

Katie Sutherland – SIGN HER NOW!

Two days ago, I went to watch Emma Pollock, and came away not only utterly blown away by her, but also by one of her supports: Katie Sutherland (see yesterday’s post).

I have been sent two of her songs as mp3s, which I will post here.

Katie Sutherland-‘Because I Do.’ mp3

Katie Sutherland -‘The Roses.’ mp3

What can I say? The voice grabs you first, the tunes gently take hold of you and when they’ve got you captive it’s the sweetest feeling, as you sing along and wonder why you don’t hear these lass singing out of your radio. If I have anything to do with it – and I’m just a humble blogger in Scotland – but if I can do my bit to raise her profile, I’m going to try.

Pop along to her MySpace site and make friends, if you haven’t already, here

Feedback will, of course, be appreciated!

Gig review: Emma Pollock/Popup/Katie Sutherland

Gig Review: Emma Pollock/Popup/Katie Sutherland

Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh

May 14, 2007

It had been a somewhat trying day at school (I teach some of my most, uh, ‘challenging’ classes on a Monday) and one of the things that was getting me through was the thought of going to see Ms. Pollock. I was certainly not disappointed.

The first act of the evening was 19 year old Katie Sutherland. I’ve commented before on this, but sometimes you see Singer-Songwriters appearing solo as the support act to a crowd who ignore them. Ms. Sutherland managed to shush everyone very quickly. Perfectly content to sing in her natural accent, the warmth won us all over so quickly with her own songs like ‘Lower Ground’ and ‘Because I Do.’ There’s an endearing honesty but without the painful over-earnestness that renders so many singer-songwriters of both sexes as just one of the crowd. Katie Sutherland is an original. Her voice blew me, and indeed the soon-to-be Mrs. 17 Seconds away. She’s just about to take a break from university for a few years to try and make a career in music, which she plays a snog ‘Mr. Lecturer’ about. I catch a brief word with her afterwards, and she’s a lovely person who should be giving Isobel Campbell and KT Tunstall a run for their money very, very soon, if there’s any justice. She’s currently unsigned but please, please, PLEASE go to her MySpace, hear her songs, make friends with her -and if you live in Scotland, go and see her.

Blown away as I am by Katie Sutherland, Popup were going to have a lot to live up to. Singer Michale Cross has got a wonderfully thick scottish accent (put it this way – and this is meant as a compliment – he makes Aidan Moffat sound like he speaks with a ‘received pronounciation’ accent). Musically, it’s harder to place them – at first, I think they’re going to be like Arab Strap…then discover I’ve been led astray by his vocals, and they are nothing like that. They go down a rocky avenue that I find hard to get into, but towards the end of their set, when I’m finding i could grow to love thme after all, the reference that springs to mind is the wedding Present.

[Please note, in an attempt to allow her to move on, I will not mention Emma Pollock’s former band. This is no mean feat, given that they are my favourite scottish band ever.]

Emma Pollock wanders on, looking wonderfully relaxed. The ten song set she plays, to a welcoming crowd, takes no songs from her former band, and instead I find very, very quickly that I cannot wait for September and her debut Watch The Fireworks. This is coming out on 4AD, and watching her, I am reminded, yet again, that Emma Pollock is every bit as much an icon as many of those who appeared on that label – Kristin Hersh, Tanya Donelly, Kim Deal et al.. The songs have a lot of piano influence on them, but Pollock’s guitar playing is just as assured. She does ‘Limbs’ with just her and the pianist, and it’s gorgeous. future single ‘Paper and Glue’ and current single ‘Adrenaline’ should be there in those end of year polls. Like, at the top of them, not no. 23 or whatever.

The scottish indie scene has a reputation for being shambolic. Yet Emma Pollock makes light of any moments – I have seen artists of far less stuature go ballistic over the slightest thing, yet she’s not bothered by the roadie who didn;t leave her any plectrums. She has a great repartee that makes us all laugh, talking about how they drove up to do a gig in Aberdeen on Saturday, only to discover the venue was closed.

She encored with ‘The Optimist’, and it’s clear just how brilliant the album should be, and just how damn fine a live act she remains. ‘That was amazing,’ whispers the soon-to-be Mrs. 17 seconods, as we head out the door. It was. come back to edinburgh soon, please.

Emma Pollock’s single Adrenaline can be downloaded from iTunes now, and will be out on 7″ next week (UK anyway).

For now, try this:

Emma Pollock -‘Limbs.’ mp3

Read the Edinburgh Evening News’ review here, if you’re interested

Longest Mile Records

Hi there, it’s been a busy few days, and I was down south this weekend in the old country (AKA England) at the wedding of a mate, so it’s been quiet on the blog front, as well as being busy blah blah blah.


I’d like to direct readers in the direction of Longest Mile Records, run by Ross from the Futureheads. The two bands currently signed to this rather fine label, Chester-Le-Street’s Catweasels and British Columbians the Paper Cranes sound nothing like the Futureheads – who I like very much – and are worth checking out. Definitely for fans of the Arcade Fire and old school indie sounds, amongst others.

The Longest Mile Myspace site has two tracks apiece, and they also have their own MySpace pages, with more wonderful sounds. There are limited edition 7″s `out there, and mp3s can be bought from iTunes and other places. pop over to MySpace and say hi, make friends with all three of them (or four, if you’re not already friends with the Futureheads), then let them into your worlds.

BTW, very glad Morning Bride have proved such a hit with readers. That’s what i’m here for : )

The Paper Cranes’ MySpace page

The Catweasels’ MySpace page

The Longest Mile Records’ MySpace page

Morning Bride

No, not yet another reference to the soon to be Mrs. 17 seconds, but rather, a rather fantastic band called Morning Bride that I got a reminder of via MySpace this morning. They are giving their new single Replica away free, so here it is, along with the previous ‘free’ single from their album, Lea Valley Delta Blues. This is just…lovely. Couldn’t get the ‘cello riff out of my head as I headed off to work.

Morning Bride -‘Replica.’ mp3

Morning Bride -‘Time delay.’ mp3
Their myspace site is here and their record company, Letterbox Records’ site is here, including the shop.

Enjoy! And as always, support the artists!

Three more for you! (part three)

Ok, not a long post as I am shattered, if pleasantly so.

Basically, just three tracks I really like at the moment. These can all be found on iTunes or try Amazon:

First up: So, it got to No.1. So, it features Nelly furtado and Justin Timbalake. And? Your point is…?

Timbaland-Give It To Me.’ mp3

this is gorgeous- and it came out on yummy 10″ vinyl. If you choose to buy it onvinyl instead of CD or download, more power to you. The cassette may be officially dead, but vinyl is still there. Yeah…oh, and Manic Pop Thrills were bigging this up as well.

iLIKETRAINS-‘Spencer Perceval.’ mp3

Finally, ‘cos demented is how I feel…presenting: Battles (not to be confulsed with Battle, who are also very good, but different)

Battles-‘Atlas.’ mp3

As ever, support the artists, if you like the music, go and buy it.

Hugs XX

Hooray! It’s a holi, holi-day

worry not.

I have not resorted to posting crappy, cheesy songs on this blog in order to get more hits.

But today is a Bank Holiday, meaning it has been a wonderful, stress-free day, instead of my most difficult classes.

I thought this summed it up pretty well…

Love Is All-‘Busy Doing Nothing.’ mp3

And seeing as it’s a long weekend, and the nineties revival cannot be far away, presenting in its entirety

Flowered up-‘Weekender.’ mp3

A couple of Copies of the Flowered Up track are available to buy on 12″ vinyl here, while the Love Is All track can be found on its parent album availablehere. Have a good one!

Happy Birthday to the soon to be Mrs. 17 Seconds

This post is dedicated to the soon to be Mrs. 17 Seconds to wish her a very happy Birthday.

These tracks are posted as a mixture of stuff she loves, likes and has seen at gigs with me (in a few cases). Thanks for coming to the gigs, hon, and here’s to many more.


Mika-‘Relax, Take It Easy.’ mp3

The Magic Numbers-‘Forever Lost.’ mp3

Pet Shop Boys -‘Domino Dancing.’ mp3

Micah P. Hinson -‘The Leading Guy.’ mp3

James Yorkston and the Athletes -‘St. Patrick.’ mp3

Gnarls Barkley-‘Crazy.’ mp3

The Fratellis-‘Chelsea Dagger.’ mp3

Editors-‘Munich.’ mp3

Idlewild -‘No Emotion.’ mp3

The Shins -‘Phantom Limb’ mp3

Amy Winehouse -‘Back To Black.’ mp3

Half Man Half Biscuit -‘Joy Division Oven Gloves.’ mp3

St. Jude’s Infirmary-‘The Church Of John Coltrane.’ mp3

The Spinto Band -‘Oh Mandy.’ mp3

Hope everyone else enjoys these too. They will be up here, via Fileden, for one week only. If you like them, as ever, support the artists involved, eitehr by buying them from iTunes or Amazon, or even better, your local independent record shop.

Davey Henderson

I thought today, given that it has been a very quiet week on this blog, I would highlight the work of one Davey Henderson, a man who has been responsible for some of the most fantastic scottish acts over the last thirty years, with the Fire Engines (pic above), Win and then Nectarine No.9.. I’m not authority on the man, but the music speaks for itself, so go and check it out if you like these:

I finally saw a reformed Fire Engines on Decemebr 30, 2004 when they reformed and headlined a gig that was supported by Sons and Daughters and Aberfeldy. Fire Engines have been held up as a major influence on Franz Ferdinand, who clearly owe them a large debt. They also gave the name to the Candyskins, who called themselves after this track:

The Fire Engines-‘Candyskin.’ mp3

After the Fire Engines split, Henderson formed Win.These mp3s were posted a few months ago by JC over at The Vinyl Villain (this is meant to be flattery, JC) here are both 7″ and 12″ versions of ‘You’ve Got The Power.’

Win -‘You’ve Got The Power.’ mp3

Win -‘You’ve Got The Power 12″.’ mp3

Davey Henderson then led Nectarine No.9:

Nectarine No.9 -‘Constellations Of a Vanity.’ mp3

Nectarine No.9 -‘Susan Identifier.’ mp3

a few weeks ago, I picked up a 7″ by Mr. Henderson, this time fronting a band called the Sexual Objects, which is out on Creeping Bent, so track it down.

As always, these mp3s will be up for a week. if you like what you hear here, go to Amazon or any music shop and support the artist.