Motorcycle Boy

Girl on a motorcycle…

Ever heard a track that within a few weeks of never having even heard it you can’t imagine being without? Well, that track for me is by the band the Motorcycle Boy and it’s their debut single from 1987 (and no.21 in the 1987 Festive Fifty) ‘Big Rock Candy Mountain.’ If you like the stuff I’ve posted by Edinburgh Legends The Shop Assistants, this might well be of interest: it’s their former singer Alex Taylor who united with Meat Whiplash to form the band. This was posted by Steve over at Teenage Kicks a few weeks ago, but I managed to find a copy of the 7″ this afternoon, so am deliriously happy and want to share this with you. Their stuff has long been deleted, andthey have nothing to do with the American band of the same name, so if anyone can help by sending mp3s or whatever, please do.

Motorcycle Boy -‘Big Rock Candy Mountain.’ mp3

Meanwhile, very chuffed by all the feedback my post on the Jesus and Mary Chain generated. One reader, Ben, got in touch to send the mp3 of the JAMC on television in America last year performing a song called ‘All Things Must Pass.’ So I am posting that here, as well as re-posting a Sister Vanilla track from last year’s Little Pop Rock where the brothers Reid were reunited and joined up with their sister Linda to make some pretty fine things indeed:

Jesus And Mary Chain -‘All Things Must Pass.’ mp3

Sister Vanilla – ‘K To be Lost.’ mp3

Enjoy the sunshine…hell, we’ve even got some here in Scotland.

Oh, roll on the summer

(MIA -a likely candidate for 17 Seconds’ Top Fifty Albums of 2007)

It’s November in Edinburgh, the shops are already getting Christmasy, and I’m very envious of any animal that gets to hibernate. Hey ho…

Anyway, how about some sounds for you? I’m trying to work out what my end of year best of list will include. It’s likely to be as last year with a festive fifty of tracks and this year more than just a top ten of albums. And then, of course, how do you decide how 43 is better than 44? The list -which is my personal list, rather than any fashionistas’, is likely to include Liars, Rihanna, Malcolm Middleton, PJ Harvey, Emma Pollock, The Shins, and Battles, amongst many others. It is probably unlikely to feature the latest albums by Hard-Fi or Low (which I looked forward to, then couldn’t get into).

These have also cheered up 17 Seconds Towers of late:

Bricolage -‘The Waltzers.’ mp3

Maximo Park -‘Girls Who Play Guitars.’ mp3

Sister Vanilla -‘Can’t Stop The Rock.’ mp3

The Wombats -‘Let’s Dance To Joy Division.’ mp3

It may be worth letting any newcomers know that it certainly isn’t just indieindieindie round these parts though:

Wiley -‘5050.’ mp3

MIA -‘Pickle Down The River.’ mp3

As always, these will be up for a week only (less if my bandwith gets exceeded). If you like the artists involved, please support them by buying their music, going to gigs and helping spread the word.

Sunday Night

Well, after several weeks of being off ill, and then the official school holidays i am back to school tomorrow. nervous? You betcha, but I’m trying not to think about it too much.

This isn’t going to be a long post, but I hope you’ll like what I have posted.

Aztec Camera -‘Somewhere In My Heart.’ mp3

OK so ‘Oblivious’ and the stuff from the first album are classics, but this is too. This was one of the first Aztec Camera tracks I ever heard, aged 11, and as such it holds a special place in my record collection, and my, er, heart. Available on Love and their Best of.

Idlewild -‘No Emotion.’ mp3

Am I the only person who has bought the new album? It’s really very good. Get your acts together people. It’s on the new album, Make Another World.

Mother and the addicts -‘What Were The Reasons.’ mp3

A new track from the forthcoming Mother and the Addicts album that they have put out on the net (buy older stuff here).

Mull Historical Society -‘Watching Xanadu.’ mp3

Aw. Colin and co. bring a smile to my face every time. Off their debut, Loss.

Sister Vanilla -‘K to be Lost.’ mp3

The brothers Reid (of the now reformed Jesus and Mary Chain) and little sister Linda unleash Little Pop Rock. World cheers.

Sonic Youth -‘Dirty Boots.’ mp3

I heard this just after Christmas 1990 at a friend’s house. I had to have the album Goo. That same night I also heard Jane’s Addiction’s Ritual De Lo Habitual. These things can change your life at fourteen (actually I still think they can at thirty; then again, I’d rather browse the vinyl racks in a record store than go to IKEA, so what do I know?)

Hope you like them. As always, if you like the music you hear, support the artists. These mp3s will be up for a week only.

Have a good week


Calling Sister Moonlight

…or Sister Vanilla, in this case, Mr. Pop!

Sister Vanilla – just in case anyone has been away from the blogs longer than I have, is a new-(ish) project, coming out on Chemikal Underground (which already makes it achingly cool) featuring Jim and William reid, of the now re-formed Jesus and Mary Chain, but also including Ben Lurie from that line-up and their sister Linda.

Read about it at Anablog, 5 acts, earfarm and also Mars Needs Guitars. I did – and I cannot wait for the album.

It’s due out on April 2. On the evidence of the tracks I have sampled at the above websites, it is definitely one for anyone who loved the Mary Chain (your homeland would also love to have some gigs, as well as those in California), shoegazing, and indie-pop.

Buy Sister Vanilla at Amazon