The (continued) return of Maximo Park


Maximo Park are getting ready to release their third album, Quicken The Heart. (see here for tracklisting) on May 11.

On the basis of what I’ve heard so far -and what I present here for you, it’s going to be another fantastic album from the boys from Newcastle. There is concern in the world (well, NME anyway) that people are tiring of boys with guitars, but I like to think there will always be space for those who can do it well. And that’s the thing with Maximo Park, they do an excellent take on spiky indie guitar rock, rather than trying to turn into a third rate Coldplay.

First up, the video for the single ‘The Kids Are Sick Again.’ (Oh aren’t they just…)

Meanwhile, these two tracks have been made available for free download:

Maximo Park -‘Let’s get clinical.’ mp3

Maximo Park -‘Wraithlike.’ mp3

Maximo Park website/Maximo Park myspace

As always, let me know what you think!

The return of Maximo Park…and Doves


Is there still a market for indie guitar music in 2009? As the NME pointed out today, recent albums from the likes of the Fratellis, Razorlight and Kaiser Chiefs have bombed (umm, I only got the Kaiser Chiefs one; the lead-off single from the Razorlight one was awful). But I’d like to think that there is still an audience for good indie rock.

Maximo Park are set to return with their third album in may, entitled Quicken the Heart. They have made this track ‘Wraithlike’ available as a free download.

Whilst to some ears this two and a half minute track seems to be too weird, I like this. quirky, different -but still Maximo Park.

See what you think:

Maximo Park -‘Wraithlike.’ mp3


Meanwhile, Doves’ fourth album Kingdom Of Rust is out next month. As well as ‘Jetstream’ from the album which has been doing the rounds for about six weeks now, there is also a remix of the title track doing the rounds as well.

Doves -‘Kingdom Of Rust (Still Going remix).’ mp3

Oh go on, then… ; ))

Doves -‘Jetstream.’ mp3

Oh, roll on the summer

(MIA -a likely candidate for 17 Seconds’ Top Fifty Albums of 2007)

It’s November in Edinburgh, the shops are already getting Christmasy, and I’m very envious of any animal that gets to hibernate. Hey ho…

Anyway, how about some sounds for you? I’m trying to work out what my end of year best of list will include. It’s likely to be as last year with a festive fifty of tracks and this year more than just a top ten of albums. And then, of course, how do you decide how 43 is better than 44? The list -which is my personal list, rather than any fashionistas’, is likely to include Liars, Rihanna, Malcolm Middleton, PJ Harvey, Emma Pollock, The Shins, and Battles, amongst many others. It is probably unlikely to feature the latest albums by Hard-Fi or Low (which I looked forward to, then couldn’t get into).

These have also cheered up 17 Seconds Towers of late:

Bricolage -‘The Waltzers.’ mp3

Maximo Park -‘Girls Who Play Guitars.’ mp3

Sister Vanilla -‘Can’t Stop The Rock.’ mp3

The Wombats -‘Let’s Dance To Joy Division.’ mp3

It may be worth letting any newcomers know that it certainly isn’t just indieindieindie round these parts though:

Wiley -‘5050.’ mp3

MIA -‘Pickle Down The River.’ mp3

As always, these will be up for a week only (less if my bandwith gets exceeded). If you like the artists involved, please support them by buying their music, going to gigs and helping spread the word.