…’cos there doesn’t have to be a reason


…I know, I keep saying I will post more Hip-Hop and reggae on here, and I really should.

So here’s a Hip-Hop classic from madvillain, the collaboration between MF Doom and Madlib, two ‘indie rappers.’ And no, they aren’t rapping over samples from Coldplay or Razorlight.

I first fell for this album because of the sleeve, which is cool as…but the tracks are just brillliant.

Especially this.

And no, it’s not the Glen Campbell song.

Madvillain -‘Rhinestone Cowboy.’

Madvillain -‘Rhinestone Cowboy.’mp3

17 Seconds Records latest release and news


yup, just wee update…

This is Ex Lion Tamer (below) who tomorrow (Monday March 9) will release his first single through us.


The download-only single (for now!) is called ‘Neon Hearts’ and should be available from all the usual suspects: iTunes, eMusic, Napster, Tiscali, TuneTribe, MSN, Oxfam, HMV.com, MTV and Sonic Selector.

This release is 17SEC3, 17SEC1 being the 7″/download of ‘Claire’ by Aberfeldy and 17SEC2 being this, the free download of ‘Life Support Machine’ made available through this blog and the 17 Seconds Records website.

Ex Lion Tamer -‘Life Support Machine.’ mp3

If you are UK based, the single can be bought for a mere 79p (£1.58 if you buy it with the b-side). Take a packed lunch and make a difference!

There was also an interview with yours truly in The List which was great! In addition to this which was cool too…

Meanwhile, gigwise, Aberfeldy are playing at the Lemon Tree in Aberdeen on Monday March 9 (yes! tomorrow!), and Ex Lion Tamer plays the Voodoo Rooms as part of Limbo on Thursday March 12.

Have a good one…

Love will tear us apart…again


Over the last few weeks, I’ve been able to pick up a few bargains in shops, as the recession starts to bite and I feel guilty about spending too much money on music etc.. Last week I picked up Red Road on DVD, which I’d been meaning to buy for ages, having read rave reviews about it, and having not got round to seeing it.

Like many films set in Scotland over the last ten years ago, it’s quirky, stylish and very dark, more in the vein of, say Shallow Grave, Hallam Foe, or Morvern Cellar than the likes of Local Hero. Anyway, worth seeing (Fopp have it in stock for £3, but it’s worth more).

It finished with a gorgeous version of ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ performed by Honeyroot, which I think I’d heard somewhere before, but had to track it down and post it here. Simple, stripped down, and very affecting:

Honeyroot -‘Love Will Tear Us Apart.’ mp3

…and for sheer contrast:

Alabama 3 -‘Love Will Tear Us Apart.’ mp3

…and both of the Swans’ takes on it:

Swans -‘Love will Tear Us Apart (Michael Gira vocal).’ mp3

Swans -‘Love Will Tear Us Apart (Jarboe vocal).’ mp3

I think I smell a rat…


After last year’s painfully cool cluster of releases on the Matador-4AD-Beggars Banquet group (Cave Singers, Mogwai, Times New Viking, Fucked Up, Stephen Malkmus, Jay Reatard, Cat Power, Stereolab etc..), and the news that they have signed Sonic Youth, I have kept an eye on the Matador site. One band caught my eye…The Condo Fucks.

“Legendary New London, CT trio the Condo Fucks returned to the stage last March after a long absence from the Tri-State Area’s concert circuit. A secretive Hoboken rehearsal was recorded and is being released March 24, 2009 by Matador as the LP/CD, Fuckbook. Eschewing such Condo Fucks originals as ?Fuckin? Gary Sandy? and ?Let?s Get Rid Of New Haven?, the trio ? Georgia Condo (drums), Kid Condo (guitar), and James McNew (bass) ? instead tear through covers of The Small Faces, Richard Hell, Beach Boys, Electric Eels, Troggs, Flaming Groovies and Slade classics in the style that previously won them so much acclaim from the Nutmeg State?s music journalists and radio programmers all those years ago. In the go-go 1990s, the Condo Fucks released 4 titles on the Matador label (see right), some of which were prominently advertised on the inner sleeve of Yo La Tengo?s I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One. Sadly, these titles are long out of print and we are unable to provide the media with copies. With Fuckbook, a full tour of major Connecticut nightspots is planned upon release. Also though the band are somewhat ?old-school? about the modern social networking phenomena, there?s an unofficial MySpace page launching very soon. ”

The name rang a bell and I smelt a rat…the same rat I smelt when I’d read the names on the sleeve of Yo La tengo’s I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One LP, about these seminal bands who’d released records on Matador.

So I googled it …and Wiki came up…and it transpires it’s Yo La Tengo! Perverse buggers. The references to Hoboken should have alerted me.

Their album as the Condo Fucks, entitled Fuck Book, will be released on either March 10 or 24 (the website says both, rather unhelpfully). This is from it. This probably won’t be getting much play on daytime Radio 1…oh hang on, they’ve been going for twenty years and I suspect they’re not bothered about it in the slightest.

I rather like this…

Condo Fucks -‘Whatcha Gonna Do About It?’

Never Forget


…twenty five years ago since the miners strike began in Britain. However, I’m not putting in a picture of Arthur Scargill any more than I would of Thatcher or Derek Hatton. So I chose Che Guevera as someone who was a genuine revolutionary.

Whatever your view on the Miners strike -and I’ve given mine here before, what cannot be disputed is that the heart was ripped out of communities, and the Unions not so much tamed (or even given beer and sandwiches at no.10) but closer to being castrated and the heart ripped out of many communities. And that’s accepted even by Norman Tebbit. Later, Margaret Thatcher commented -appallingly – that there was no such thing as society, only individuals.

God knows what will happen at the next election- but let us not forget those who have fallen, literally and metaphorically.

The Men They Couldn’t Hang -‘Ironmasters.’ mp3

Billy Bragg -‘There Is Power In A Union.’ mp3

I’ve survived Tuesday!!


Still too much to do, and the slight feeling that my brain may implode before the end of the week.

So, in this slightly mixed up mode, hence the above picture, I give you three great, and completed unrelated tracks. Just because I like them…does there have to be a reason?

Ennio Morricone -‘Theme from The Good, the Bad and The Ugly.’

Propaganda -‘Dr. Mabuse.’ mp3

Nick Lowe -‘I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass.’ mp3

Enjoy these…feel free to leave feedback.

Don’t Tell Me Why I Don’t Like Mondays


…’cos I know all too well. The start of the week, a handful of disaffected students with the hide of rhinos who seem intent on spoiling it for everyone. The feeling that the weekend went by too quickly, and there’s too much to do before Friday. Marking, blogging, meetings, school trips, record company DAMMITEVERYONEWANTSAPIECEOFMEAAARGGHHHH

Then I hear Nina Simone singing…and my priorities change.

Nina Simone -‘Feeling Good.’ mp3

Nina Simone -‘Ain’t Got No -I’ve Got Life.’ mp3

Here’s to a better Tuesday…

Album Review: Le Reno Amps


Le Reno Amps -‘Tear It Open’ (Drift Records)

At this stage of 2009, this sophomore album’s opening track ‘Outlaws’ is one of my contenders already for my track of 2009. As has already been reported, this is a mad stomp in the vein of the Birthday Party and Sons & Daughters. But what should probably be noted is that this is not the side to Le Reno Amps.

Whilst many bands claim to have many influences (and allow only one or two of them to shine through on their records, usually the most obvious ones), Le Reno Amps’ strength is that wildly different songs can sit next to each other. ‘Outlaws’ is followed by ‘If you Want A Lover’ which is like a slightly more countrified Bluetones firing on all cylinders, while track three ‘You Do Your Thing’ evokes Ben Folds Five. On paper this might sound like someone’s made a slightly insane compilation. Yet on album, this works amazingly well.

Over the course of elevn tracks what you have here is an album that has many standout tracks, to the extent that many could be singles and even though I haven’t seen them live yet, I’m now desperate to. Le Reno Amps are a scottish band full of passion, and to these ears, their time is is now. Give these tracks a listen, watch the videos (see the post on them a few below!) and buy the album when it’s out in a few weeks’ time.


Le Reno Amps -‘The Stand Off.’ mp3

Le Reno Amps -‘Dangerous Boy.’ mp3