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Yup, folks it’s all busy around 17 Seconds Towers.

Having just released our fourth single, X-Lion Tamer’s ‘I Said Stop’ (coupled with his excellent cover of Galaxie 500’s ‘Tugboat’), and with October seeing the release of Chris Bradley’s ‘Bored Little Rosie’/’The Man I Love’ single, just to say that November will see the release of the sixth single, ‘2 Page Spread’ by The Dirty Cuts. It’s absolutely brilliant, and we’re really excited about it. The single is streaming over at our myspace

Remember: you can play your part too: blog about it, tell your friends, hassle people to play it -whether it’s podcasts, national radio or at clubs…THE MORE COVERAGE THE BETTER! Oh, and obviously go and buy it when it comes out.

Forgotten what the other 17 Seconds Records singles are?

Well, they’re still available for download from iTunes, eMusic etc…

Aberfeldy -‘Claire’ (17SEC1)

X-Lion Tamer -‘Neon Hearts’ (17SEC3)

Escape Act -‘God Says EP’ (17SEC4)

Remember, this is a cottage industry, so by supporting us you are fighting against the man…or something.


Two rather nice examples of people spreading the word

a) On the sixth day blog have done a post on The Dirty Cuts

b) Matthew of Song, By Toad blog has included X-Lion Tamer’s cover of ‘Tugboat’ on his latest Podcast

Can YOU help?


Having interviewed Paul Haig earlier (this, along with the Justin Sullivan of New Model Army interview I did last Saturday, will appear here very soon), I went to a well-known Edinburgh record shop to swap some vinyl.

Amongst the pieces I picked up was an intriguing 7″ by a band called Cupid Mount Etna.

I can find next to nothing out about this band, except that they seem to have come from Edinburgh. They are not listed in the Great Indie disco graphy (and the Scottish one is, criminally, out of print). John Peel played the record in about February or March 1995.

Oh, and my sodding scanner and computer conspired against me to stress me out and not let me scan the cover either.

Anyone got any ideas?

Cupid Mount Etna -‘Float.’ mp3

Cupid Mount Etna -‘Clones ’92.’ mp3

Chris Bradley – new single


Chris Bradley’s first release for 17 Seconds (17SEC7) will be a double A-side single ‘Bored Little Rosie’ and ‘The Man I Love,’ available from October 5.

The former is a sprightly upbeat number, that works its’ way into your head before the first play is finished.

The latter is a touching tribute to his father, who died earlier this year. He is also remembered in the album’s title ‘Go On, My Son.’ We loved the ambiguity of the title and maybe there’s more than two ways you can look at it…

Stream the single at our myspace page and at Chris’ page

Meanwhile, there’s a free taster from the album here:

Chris Bradley -‘Golden Girl.’ mp3

Grab it if you haven’t already…

Chris is just putting the finishing touches to Go On, My Son which should be out in November.

The tracklisting is:

‘Bored Little Rosie’
‘Beggar To Fall’
‘Running Song’
‘Hand me Down’
‘The Man I Love’
‘Golden Girl’
‘The Beatles’
‘Your Close Friend’
‘Not What It Was’
‘Goddess Of Love’

Shoo be do be do bop!!!

Everybody talk about…

Have been offered the chance to interview Robin Scott, which is quite exciting.

Oh, and in case you’re interested, there is a mammoth remix album coming of this very song, featuring:

1. Original Mix (4:55) — From 1979, US #1, UK #2
2. 1989 Remix (4:04) — From 1989, UK #15
3. Rob Quickenden Remix (3:41) — 132bpm breaks remix
4. Original 1978 Demo (3:20) — Robin’s Scott’s rare original home demo
5. Dub Pistols Radio Edit (3:28) —
6. Dub Pistols Remix (6:19) — Commissioned by U2
7. Junior Vasquez Remix (7:13) — Commissioned by U2
8. Sunshine State Remix (3:50) — 150bpm trance remix
9. Olmec Heads Remix (7:59) — From Moby/Perfecto/React collaborators
10. Rhumba Calzada cover version (4:16) —
11. Steve Osbourne/U2 Remix (3:52) — Commissioned by U2, Pop Mart’s opening anthem
12. Devo Remix (3:16) — Yes, ‘the’ Devo!
13. Devo’s Darkside/MM Remix (3:40) — Yes, ‘the’ Devo!
14. Original 1979 Video (4:55) — Directed by Malaney & Grant

Hole lotta Hole going on…


Walking car crash though Courtney Love may be, Hole produced some great records. I kinda prefer the early stuff when Courtney Love, Eric Erlandsson and whoever else was in the band were giving Babes In Toyland a run for their money, rather than trying to outdo…well, other people.

I was really touched to see that my friend Steve, who writes the excellent Teenage Kicks blog that he had done a cheer up post dedicated to me, featuring Hole’s two Peel sessions.

So, check it out and enjoy these as well from the first Hole 7″:

Hole -‘Retard Girl.’ mp3

Hole -‘Johnnies In The Bathroom.’ mp3

Hole -‘Phonebill Song.’ mp3

Album Review – New Model Army


New Model Army -‘Today Is A Good Day’ (Attack Attack)

It’s now nearly thirty years since New Model Army formed, and twenty since the album for which they are still most remembered Thunder and Consolation. Speaking to Justin Sullivan recently, he acknolwedged that the time at which the band were most famous was the early nineties, but he also stated that this was the period of his life when he found things most stressful. Over the last decade and longer, they have released their albums through their own label, and enjoyed working at their own pace.

This twelve track album showcases – yet again – that Justin Sullivan is one of Britain’s best lyricists. He writes from the heart, and with passion, and not necessarily always about politics, either. The title track kicks off with mentions of the collapse that took place on Wall Street in 2008 ‘We became what we despise.’ ‘Arm Yourselves and Run’ with its’ reference to graffiti from Belgrade in 1991 shows how much things change and yet remain the same. Yet, as is a common theme with New Model Army’s work, there is a sense of hope and redemption; all is not lost. We have to seize the day, wake up to how wonderful nature is: ‘So who wants to live forever. when these moments only come the once?’ he sings on Autumn, summing up not only what is beautiful about the season, but also what is beautiful about life. We cannot place much value on those things that are easily replaceable.

New Model Army can still write anthems – and I mean this as a compliment, they continue to evolve. For those who still associate them with the rock-meets-punk-meets-folk-meets-soul of albums like the aforementioned Thunder and Impurity…cast your ears this way. Nearly thirty years in, New Model Army are still evolving. You should still be listening…


Today Is A Good Day is released on September 14.

New Model Army website/New Model Army myspace

Album Review – Trashcan Sinatras

Trashcan Sinatras -‘ In the Music’ (Love-Five Records)

The return of Glaswegian band the Trashcan Sinatras is something to celebrate. It’s been five years since their last album, Weightlifting. Whilst they’ve never been the most prolific of bands – this is their fifth album, nineteen years since their debut, Cake – the quality control they operate is particularly high. Listening to this album, they seem to form a perfect link between the sublimity of The Blue Nile and the classic, well-toned songwriting of Teenage Fanclub, the latter also nineteen years on from their debut album.

Since Weightlifting, the only track to surface has been their collaboration with author Ali Smith on the song ‘Half An Apple’ from the Chemikal Underground album, Ballads Of The Book, which saw scottish bands collaborating with scottish writers. Smith’s lyrics form the lyrics for the fine title track. Family interests come in on ‘Should I Pray’ – vocalist and rhythm guitarist John Douglas is the partner of legend Eddi Reader, who is the sister of singer Frank Reader. Not only that, but that track features vocals from none other than Carly Simon.

With songs like ‘I hung my harp upon the willows’ melting even the most hardened heart, the domesticity prevalent in the background has not softened these men, but shown that contentment can poduce beautiful songs too.

However long album number six takes, lads, don’t rush it, it’ll be worth the wait when it’s ready.

Trashcan Sinatras website/Trashcan Sinatras Myspace

Trashcan Sinatras -‘Oranges And Apples’

Album Review – Times New Viking


Times New Viking -‘Born Again Revisited’ (Matador)

Ohhhh yes. Times New Viking return with their fourth album, and their second for the world’s most violently cool label, Matador. Following on from last year’s Rip It Off, what remains the same – thankfully – is an(other) album that’s fifteen tracks and thirty minutes long, and packs a mighty punch in that time.

Is it noise pop? Almost certainly, but very exciting and moorish it is, too. And there are different shades of light and noise here that show the palette remains varied over the course of the album. The two tracks that Matador have made available for download ‘No Time, No Hope’ and ‘Move To California’ more than ably reflect this; the former a loud-as…number while the latter is an anthemic number that nods to label-mates Yo La Tengo.

According to the press release (perhaps just to see whether people are reading it for anything else other than the words ‘Tengo’ ‘La’ and ‘Yo’), whereas the Rip It Off masters were delivered on cassette, the masters for Born Again Revisited were delivered on VHS. Oh, and that after exhaustive laboratory tests, Matador’s engineering staff can confirm that this album ‘features 25% higher fidelity.’ Okayyyy

Your neighbours won’t thank you for blasting this loud at two o’clcok in the morning. But your aesthetic sense of appreciation will, and surely, that’s got to be more important?


Born Again Revisited is released on September on Matador.

Times New Viking’s myspace

From Born Again Revisited

Times New Viking -‘No Times No Hope.’ mp3

Times New Viking -‘Move To California.’ mp3

From Rip It Off

Times New Viking -‘Drop-Out.’ mp3

Album Review – The Big Pink


The Big Pink – ‘A Brief History Of Love’ (4AD)

So, here it comes, increasingly one of the most anticipated debut albums of the year. Set to drop at the same time as one of the most anticipated full stop -Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3, the acres of coverage that this album is set to receive seem certain.

And the thing is, it’s absolutely deserved. Whilst the risk of the charts clogging up with watered down versions of La Roux, Lady Gaga et al may get higher, Messrs Cordell and Furze, aka The Big Pink wander into town, like two gunslinger men come to take somebody down. Maybe that’s who ‘These girls fall like dominoes’ refers to.

Twenty years ago, this would probably have been called goth, and it totally fits that at any time over the last thirty years this would be on 4AD, a label who have consistently and rightly presented good alternative music as high art. The enduring spirit of the Jesus and Mary Chain (particularly circa Honey’s Dead) hangs over this album, as does that of Spaceman 3 and My Bloody Valentine.

Yet this isn’t just another band in love with gothic shoegaze and feedback. They’ve got their eye on the prize and commercial success (Florence of the Machine sings on the b-side to ‘Dominoes,’ entitled ‘She’s No Sense’) without this being at the cost of their art and muse. I’m not sure why previous single ‘Stop the World’ isn’t on the album, but, no matter, this is an album that firmly makes its’ point, and deserves to clean up in the charts and the end of year best-of lists.

A Brief History Of Love is released on Monday

The Big Pink -‘Dominoes.’ mp3

The Big Pink website/The Big Pink Myspace

The Big Pink -‘Velvet’

The Big Pink -‘Too Young To Love’

Speech Debelle and Wiley


Somewhat depressed that having won the Mercury Music Award a couple of nights ago, that the NME message board has so many people going ‘who’?, which is one thing, but that people are suggesting that she only won the award because she’s black is actually quite offensive.

Haven’t heard the whole album, but on the basis of this track, I think she was giving The Horrors a run for their money (and I really like thier album, Primary Colours.

This remix features Wiley, who I’ve featured here a few times on 17 Seconds. May she do as well as dizzee Rascal has!

Speech Debelle featuring Wiley -‘Better Days.’ mp3