Happy New Year


A new year, a new decade (as far as I’m concerned) and what I will continue to be another year of great stuff on this blog and beyond.

Seem to have woken up on a bit of a UK Hip-Hop tip today, so why not let’s start with this excellent number from 2009, a scottish act, no less…

Stanley Odd -‘The Numbness.’ mp3

And another Scottish act that I’m kicking myself for not covering much before:

Young Fathers -‘Straight Back On It (extended).’ mp3

This track I’ve posted before, but I figure it belongs here too…

Rustie -‘Mic of the year.’ mp3

And for old time’s sake…

M/A/R/R/S -‘Pump Up The Volume.’ mp3

Simon Harris -‘Bass (How Low Can You Go?).’ mp3

2008 -The best so far?

Another, oh five months or so, and everyone’ll be making their lists of the best of the year.

As 17 Seconds progresses, I have heard about seventy new albums this year alreadt, as well as masses of tracks, and face the task of trying to put it all in order for the end of the year. It does feel like it’s been a good decade for music so far, in fact; BTW did the nineties ever go through a phase of being out or was it accepted that it had been pretty good overall? There have been one or two rubbish albums -I never want to hear the Black Mountain album again, frankly, but there has been some great stuff.

Anyway, this is a Top 10 tracks of the year so far for me:

1. Wedding Present – ‘The Trouble With Men.’ mp3
2. MGMT – ‘Time To Pretend.’ mp3
3. Santogold – ‘My Superman.’ mp3
4. Jamie Lidell -‘Another Day.’ mp3
5. Kills -‘Cheap and Cheerful.’ mp3
6. Dom DeLuca -‘Birds Of Worry.’ mp3
7. Hayman Watkins Trout and Lee -‘Sly and the Family Stone.’ mp3
8. Vampire Weekend -‘The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance.’ mp3
9. Neon Neon -‘I Lust U.’ mp3
10.Rustie -‘Mic Of The Year.’ mp3

See what you make of it, comments welcome, but do not assume that it will be the same come December. Oh, and anyone who thinks that there is only ever white middle class indie boys with guitars on this blog is not paying attention!

Hope things are drier wherever you are than they are down here…


An article in the latest issue of The Wire bought me to the attention of the young man above. East London Grime artist? South London Dubstep producer? No Rustie hails from Glasgow, and the music that he makes, which wears its electro and hip-hop influences on the sleeve proudly should be heard. This genre? Russell Whyte, as he’s known to his Mum, calls it aquacrunkstep. The Wire point out that this is an ‘amusing yet oddly accurate term for the undulating synths and riplling percussion that leaves trails of echo as they swim around the speakers in chasing patterns.’ Actually, maybe it owes a small, wee debt to Aphex Twin’s Windowlicker which mixed hip hop and electronic dance music to devastating effect nearly a decade ago, but this still should be heard on its own terms.

‘Mic Of The Year’ as posted on the Wire website is from his Cafe De Fresh EP (will have to try and get my grubby little mits on it).

For those of you who have enjoyed the grime and dubstep stuff and enjoy independent music made in scotland, check this out.

Rustie -‘Mic Of The Year.’ mp3

These two tracks come from the Beatnicks volumes one and two compilations and are instrumentals.

Rustie -‘Soapy Tits.’ mp3

Rustie -‘Dog Mask.’ mp3

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