Interview: The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

I fell in love with a band on Monday, emailed them on Tuesday and they emailed me on Wednesday. Hell yes!

Interview with The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart


17 Seconds: You’ve earned comparisons to the likes of My Bloody Valentine and
the Pastels. Do you consider yourself part of a c86/twee/indiepop
scene at all? Is there one in New York?

Kip: Well, we certainly like those bands a lot– The Pastels are one
of my favorite bands of all time, and early My Bloody Valentine is
also super good (and underrated). And maybe it was just Kurt Cobain
telling me so, but The Vaselines have always seemed like the coolest
band ever. But I think it would be inauthentic for any band in 2009 to
pretend they understood that world or why people made the music that they did two decades ago.

Focusing on mid-80s British bands sort of misses the fact that we’re
from America and grew up with totally different music– Teenage
Fanclub was obscure here. I mean, Sonic Youth and Nirvana, K Records and Yo La Tengo– even a lot of punk and hardcore bands gave us an idea of what it meant to be indie and what DIY was really about. And even now, we’re huge fans of the contemporary New York/Brooklyn scene— bands like Crystal Stilts, caUSE co-Motion, Vivian Girls, Knight School, My Teenage Stride– or A Sunny Day in Glasgow (Philadelphia), Pants Yell! (Boston) and Ringo Deathstarr (Austin).

As for the bands in New York, i feel like they have a lot of similarities in their inspiration, if not their sound. If you went
over to their house, you’d find a lot of the same records (The Clean, TVP’s, Teenage Fanclub, The Ramones, Black Tambourine, etc.). But
what’s so interesting is that they all take the sound in different directions– there’s no two bands that sound all that similar. Knight
School is different than caUSE co-MOTION is different than Crystal Stilts is different than Vivian Girls. They all have their own
distinct style, which i think keeps the community really vibrant and interesting– plus no one feels all that jealous…

Alex: Yeah, I think in terms of New York, or a scene, it’s a pretty natural thing. It’s not like people got together and decided ahead of
time “now we’re gonna start a scenel!” All those bands Kip named are just genuinely making music they liked based on inspirations from
bands they genuinely like made with people they genuinely like… so  naturally everyone got pretty excited to see others doing the same.
It’s a fun place to be right now.

Peggy: Everyone knows each other because there aren’t that many people out there who listen to this kind of music. We all see each other at the same shows, and all the bands have played together at least once. I never had friends who liked the same music when I was growing up, so it’s pretty thrilling to finally know people with similar tastes. It’s nice to not feel alienated for once.

17 Seconds: Looking at many of your influences, do you consider Glasgow a
musical spiritual home?

Alex: It’s definitely incredible how perfectly once city has nailed a sound (and still managed to spawn so many ORIGINAL bands). Hanging out there felt like being part of the cool kids club, for sure. It’s not often you go to a city and the hot-spot club is playing Belle &
Sebastian side-by-side with Madonna.

Kip: Definitely– i feel like Glasgow is probably the coolest city in the world. The Pastels, Vaselines, Teenage Fanclub, Camera Obscura,
Belle and Sebastian, Orange Juice, Aztec Camera, Strawberry Switchblade– If we moved to Glasgow, we’d be like the 27th best band
there… and that would be pretty good.

Peggy: Yeah, I immediately took to glasgow. It has a big scene for a city that is small and tangible. It was rainy and dreamy while we were
there. I kept telling everyone that I wanted to move there throughout the rest of the tour. I think Kip got annoyed.

17 Seconds: Who are those two girls on the front of your album?

kip: they are best friends! our label, fortuna pop, said it looked a little like a strawberry switchblade album cover, which isn’t a bad

Peggy: yeah i wish we could meet those two girls.

17 Seconds: How long have the band been together and how did you meet?

Kip: we formed two years ago in March to play at Peggy’s birthday party in a big warehouse in brooklyn. The Manhattan Love Suicides were coming to america and i think we tricked them into playing at Peggy’s party (along with Titus Andronicus) and we were like, “well, we’re throwing the party so if we learn some songs we can play too.” so we played 5 songs (two of which were “this love is fucking right” and “doing all the things that wouldn’t make your parents proud”).

All i remember from that night is that Titus Andronicus blew up the bass amp while covering “bulls on parade” which seemed really awesome at the time… then i realized it was my bass amp, but whatever– it was a fun party and definitely the perfect beginning.

peggy: it feels sooooo long ago! it’s crazy to think of everything that’s happened in the past year and a half. i wish i’d kept a

17 Seconds: Do you think the word ‘indie’ still has any currency in 2009?

Yes, absolutely. Regardless if you’re playing hardcore or rainbow pop, the idea that the artist controls their music is 100% important. I
feel like, sure, the term has been bandied about to describe an aesthetic or fashion sense– but at it’s core, it’s about economics and the bands being in control.

Alex: I think it’s tricky, because “indie” has become such a loaded term. Largely, I think, people now associate it with kinda shaggy dudes playing not-too-shiny guitar rock — “mainstream indie” like Death Cab, etc. It’s not about “independence” so much. Which is fine. But as an ethos, I totally agree with Kip — it’s more present and more valuable than ever. It’s totally possible to get lots and lots of people to hear and love your music through new and untraditional channels and to do it yourself. It’s very exciting.

17 Seconds: CD or vinyl?
Vinyl w/ digital download, pleez.

Alex: Vinyl and digital for me too! CD has quickly become just a
space-sucking middle man. R.I.P.

Peggy: I only listen to music on my computer these days. That sounds
lame, but I just don’t have space for records and whatnot. I like
walking around and spacing out with my ipod on. Maybe ideally I would
say that I prefer cassette tapes because you can make them and record
them yourself.

17 Seconds: What are your favourite books/albums/films?

Books: Anything by Jane Austen lol… I also like Babar a lot and The Little Prince.

Albums: This question is nearly impossible…
Red House Painters “Red House Painters” (the one with the Roller
Coaster on the cover)
Teenage Fanclub “Bandwagonesque”
Suede “Dog Man Star”
Belle and Sebastian “If You’re Feeling Sinister”/”The Boy With the
Arab Strap”/”The EP’s/Tigermilk”
David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust/Hunky Dory/Diamond Dogs… ok, basically
everything through Scary Monsters.
Yo La Tengo – Painful
Serge Gainsbourg – Histoire de Melody Nelson
Leonard Cohen – Either of the first couple records…
Sonic Youth – Dirty
Helium – Pirate Prude
Pavement – Wowee Zowee
… this is too hard a question– i have to move on!!!!!!!!

Bill + Ted’s Excellent Adventure
I just saw this movie “Teenwitch” that i really liked.
I basically can’t deal with horror, except maybe vampire movies.

Alex: Always a tough one.

“White Noise” Delillo
“Lolita” Nabovok
“Where I’m Calling From” Raymond Carver
“The Relief of Unbearable Urges” Nathan Englander
“Please Kill Me” Legs McNeil
Any George Saunders
“The Long Goodbye” Raymond Chandler
“Big Bad Love” Larry Brown
Any Lester Bangs

And right now I’m reading a collection by Richard Brautigan which I am SUPER loving.

The Exploding Hearts, “Guitar Romantic”
T. Rex, “Electric Warrior”
Nas “Illmatic”
The Figgs “Sucking in Stereo”
Jesus & Mary Chain “Psychocandy”
The Buzzcocks “Singles Going Steady”

Wild at Heart
The Seventh Seal
The Sandlot
I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
Wayne’s World (I & II)

Peggy: I love “Holiday” by the Magnetic Fields, “Blind” by the Sundays, “Incesticide” by Nirvana, “Candy Girl” by New Edition, “it’s
a Shame about Ray” by the Lemonheads, “Realistes” by Comet Gain, “Multiple Orgasm” by the Pooh Sticks, and The Rosehips self-titled
album. As for books, I’ve lately been into Penguin classics by British authors from the 60s, which sounds pretentious, but they seem to all be written in this ideal style (dry and witty) and about topics like teen angst and love. Murakami and Nabokov are favorites as well. As
for films, my favorite movie of all time is “Clueless.” Other favorites are Harold and Maude, Dig!, Drive Me Crazy, Chungking Express. I like romcoms if they can make me believe Love Is Real (a rare feat) and any movies about young girls. Although Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was kind of disappointing. I actually don’t really like movies and prefer addictive television.

17 Seconds: How optimistic are you about Obama as President of the US?

Kip: I hope people realize that he’s just a person. I’m sure he’ll do all he can to make things better, but it’s so hard to accompish that
much change– his power is limited by the congress, the courts and the generally conservative nature of most americans. Still, we’re all
obviously so thrilled by his election and hope for the best.

Alex: He’s got a tough road. Mostly I’m just optimistic that he’ll bring some transparency, thoughtfulness and dignity as the face of the
nation. I have no delusions that he’ll step in and solve world hunger or anything, but I am confident in his character. As confident as one
can be when assessing someone wholly through television, haha.

Peggy: I just love that he is a cool person and seems really down-to-earth. The fact that we elected him makes me love America more. It’s not really about whether he’s going to fix everything, but more about the representation of our country, and also the general air of contentment that is abound.

17 Seconds: What are your plans for 2009?

We have some tour dates in February and March up to SXSW after the release of our album. We also have a new single coming out in March– “Young Adult Friction”

Alex: Have as much fun as possible with my friends.

Peggy: Yeah, before I get too old. I think I rediscovered fun this past year though. Hopefully there’s more of that to come.

17 Seconds: What’s the weirdest gig you’ve ever played?

I think playing at Titus Andronicus’ practice space (“The Hate Shack” – a pool shed behind Ian’s parents’ house) in Glenn Rock, NJ at a High School party. It was super weird, but also 100% awesome. i can’t think of a more wonderfully weird show we’ve gotten to play– people were so enthusiastic. And Titus Andronicus (and VCR) was amazing (as always).

Alex: Yeah, Hate Shack was pretty amazing. We also played in what was basically a metal shed in the parking lot NEXT to a venue in
Tallahassee in 100+ degree heat. Weird would quite be the word I use for it, but it was certainly… something.

Peggy: The Hate Shack, that ruled. I can’t believe I didn’t break a limb in that mosh pit.

Kip: Yeah, we were old enough to buy beer so i think they really loved us…

17 Seconds: What’s the coolest record shop you’ve ever been to?

Monorail Music – i mean, STEPHEN PASTEL works there. is there anything possibly cooler than that? Plus i bought all these teenage fanclub 7″‘s that you could never find back in america.

Peggy: I second Kip’s answer.

Alex: Ameoba Records! California is so spoiled.

17 Seconds: If you could collaborate with one artist, who would it be?

Peggy: I’d be into collaborating with that Swedish duo that did that Kelly Clarkson song, “Since U Been Gone.”

Kip: I’ll stick with swedes and say – “Nixon”. I really love the Cloetta Paris album he did, and i’m a big OMD fan, so… it’d be fun
to work together on something like that.

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart -‘Everything With You.’ mp3

Presenting…The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart


Oh Lord, I think I have fallen in love, head over heels with a pop band.

In recent weeks I’ve been increasingly scathing on this site about what I perceive as an increasing amount of indie-by-numbers bands. So along to save the day on that front are the wonderful The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart.

Think c86 with balls and attitude. My Bloody Valentine sounding like both their early stuff and circa Loveless. Think a band you could fall head over heels for after hearing just a few of their songs.

It’s not some yet, yell, it’s not even got to the severest of winter here in Scotland. But The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart break through my cynicism and bitterness to restore my faith in human nature. They will do the same for you. When on the song they sing ‘We Will never die…we will never die’ they mean it. This is music that feels fresh and exciting.

Alex (bass), Kip ( guitar, vocals), Kurt (drums) and Peggy (keys + vocals)  have released a handful of singles and an EP over the last two years. Their self-titled debut will be out next month. I can’t wait. No really, I can’t. They’re about to tour the US and I hope come over here sometime.

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart -‘Everything With You.’ mp3

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart -‘Come Saturday.’ mp3

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart website/The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart myspace

A post for St. Andrew’s Day

November 30 marks St. Andrew’s Day, the Patron Saint of Scotland.

This isn’t a particularly big day in Scotland, but then St. David’s Day and St. George’s Day aren’t either. Which probably seems out to the Americans reading this, when you consider how important both Thanksgiving and the 4th of July are.

There’s much I love about Scotland, my adopted homeland since 2001. I didn’t just move here because I loved Belle and Sebastian or because of Fopp and Avalanche, though these were factors in my coming. Since moving here, I’ve interviewed Emma Pollock, had tea at Stevie Jackson from Belle and Sebastian’s house, worked with members of the Prats, X-Vectors and Wounded Knee, to say nothing of seeing many acts. Oh, and started my own indie label, done my own club night, begun this blog…and qualified as a teacher. It’s a place where many of my dreams have come true.

It’s not just about the music. There’s great literature, great films and a whole thriving culture. I don;t think I could live anywhere else. Sure the winter’s are severe, but you can’t have everything.

My favourite scottish band remain The Delgados, who are just brilliant. They split up in 2005, but are just life affirming. My favourite Delgados song is ‘No Danger’ which is from the album The Great Eastern, my favourite scottish album (it was recorded in New York State. Then again, Transformer by Lou Reed reminds me of New York but was recorded in London. Go figure…)

And an mp3 from the album, ‘American Trilogy.’

The Delgados -‘American Trilogy.’ mp3

Oh go on! Here’s the video too…

And some other great, classic scottish tracks…

Motorcycle Boy -‘Big Rock Candy Mountain (Velocity Dance Mix).’ mp3

Aztec Camera -‘Oblivious.’ mp3

Primal Scream -‘Velocity Girl.’ mp3

Jesus and Mary Chain -‘Upside Down.’ mp3

Camera Obscura -‘Eighties Fan.’ mp3

Yes, I know most of them are over twenty years old, but hey…

Some more covers for you all

Well, I know these have been posted before, but I figure that you might like to hear these if you haven’t before…

First up, my support of Lightspeed Champion this year annoyed a few folks, but I stand by it, especially when he does covers as good as these…

Lightspeed Champion -Back To Black (Amy Winehouse cover).’ mp3

Lightspeed Champion -‘Xanadu (Olivia Newton-John and Electric Light Orchestra cover).’ mp3

Endearingly shambolic, and a wonderful version:

Raincoats -‘Lola (The Kinks cover).’ mp3

I was passed this cover by the record company, proof that some record companies areaware of the support provided by blogs.

Alabama 3 -‘Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division cover).’ mp3

Another cover of a post-punk era song:

Belle and Sebastian -‘Final Day (Young Marble Giants cover).’ mp3

I spent ages trying to track this down. Cheers to Steve at Teenage Kicks, hope your blog is up and running again soon, mate!

Cud -‘You Sexy Thing (Hot Chocolate cover).’ mp3

Proof that great songs DO get to no.1, Rihanna’s Umbrella topped the UK charts last year for ten weeks, spawning these two covers. If anyone has an mp3 of her collaborating with the Klaxons doing a mash-up of ‘Umbrella’ and ‘Golden Skans’ please email me and I will post it here.

Biffy Clyro -‘Umbrella (Rihanna cover).’ mp3

Manic Street Preachers -‘Umbrella (Rihanna cover).’ mp3

The greatest ever Scots band take on one of America’s greatest bands, and do them justice.

Delgados -‘California Uber Alles (Dead Kennedys cover).’ mp3

There are apparently folk who do not like this cover. They are idiots. That is a fact, not an opinion:

Slits -‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine(Marvin Gaye cover).’ mp3

Some Covers For Saturday Part V

Emma Pollock, of The Delgados

Hadn’t posted many covers here for a while, so here’s have a dozen for you.

First up, as I have said on many occasions before, The Delgados are my favourite scottish band of all time. So here’s a cover of a Delgados song, and the Delgados covering the Dead Kennedys’ California Uber Alles:

Comrade Down -‘American Trilogy (Delgados’ cover).’ mp3

Delgados -‘California Uber Alles (Dead Kennedys cover).’ mp3

I will post my review of the Lightspeed Champion album here very soon. In the meantime, here is his cover of Olivia Newton-John and The Electric Light Orchestra’s song ‘Xanadu.’ mp3

Lightspeed Champion -‘Xanadu (Olivia Newton-John and Electric Light Orchestra cover).’ mp3

I’ve posted cover versions by Nirvana before, so why not other bands taking on Nirvana songs?

Patti Smith -‘Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana cover).’ mp3

Tori Amos -‘Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana cover).’ mp3

Kathryn Williams -‘All Apologies (Nirvana cover).’ mp3

There will be more music, including album reviews and more John Peel-related posts over the next few days, so keep checking back…

have a good weekend, Ed X

Another Festive Fifty themed post thingy

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last few days, things have been rather busy. Anyway…how about some more Peel-related posts, eh?

The Delgados -‘American Trilogy.’ mp3 (2000 Festive Fifty no.10)

Aphex Twin – Windowlicker.’ mp3 (1999 Festive Fifty no.42) (How the hell did this only get to no.42 and the Cuban Boys were no.1?! Go figure…)

Clinic -‘The Second Line.’ mp3 (2000 Festive Fifty no.28)

Hole -‘Beautiful Son.’ mp3 (1993 Festive Fifty no.47)

The Fall -‘Dr. Buck’s Letter.’ mp3 (2000 Festive Fifty no.3)

Melys -‘Chinese Whispers.’ mp3 (2001 Festive Fifty no.1)

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead -‘Mistakes And Regrets.’ mp3 (2000 Festive Fifty no.4)

Age Of Chance -‘Kiss.’ mp3 (1986 Festive Fifty no.2)

Calexico -‘Ballad Of Cable Hogue.’ mp3 (2000 Festive Fifty no.22)

Frankie Goes To Hollywood -‘Two Tribes.’ mp3 (1984 Festive Fifty no.25)

It’s funny, I felt in 2000 that I felt increasingly rmeoved from the music scene, as I failed to really love 2-step garage or nu-metal. Maybe there was much better stuff than I appreciated…



A Peel-approved Burns’ Night! (Part One)

This post is jointly dedicated in respect of Robert Burns and John Peel, and features three scots bands, beloved by the late Mr. Peel covering Burns related songs.

Today is Burns’ Night in Scotland, in honour of Robert Burns (1759-1796), scotland’s National Bard. No other literary figure – not even Shakespeare- can really be eclebrated as he is. The man was a legend, and his inspiration runs through to this day, inspiring many. Maya Angelou (I Know Why The Cage Bird Sings) discovered Burns when she was eight and said ‘He was the first white man I read who seemed to understand that a human being was a human being and that we are more alike than unalike.’ At the Burns and a’ that Festival in 2003, Patti Smith performed a rendition of ‘Afton Water.’ Kofi Annan gave the inaugural Robert Burns Memorial lecture in New York, using Burns’ ‘A Man’s a man for a’that’ as the touchstone for his remarks. Written in 1795 and covered by Ballboy (see below), this ‘anthem of radicalism’ was described by his later biographer Auguste Angellier as a ‘Marseilliase of Equality’ and was chosen to open the new scottish parliament.

Ballboy -‘A Man’s a Man For a’That.’ mp3 (Available as a free mp3 from their website)

My all-time favourite scottish band The Delgados covered ‘Such a Pacel Of Rogues In A Nation’ for a Peel session a few years ago. The Parcel Of Rogues In A Nation refers to the English and England, and is Burns’ scathing attack on the Union Of Parliaments in 1707. Some see it as evidence of his nationalist tendendies, but others have suggested that he was just being provocative.

The Delgados -‘A Parcel Of Rogues.’ mp3 (available on their Peel sessions album)

Burns was a love machine par excellence, fathering nine children, not all of them with his wife Jean Armour. But she inspired ‘I Love My Jean’ set to music by Camera Obscura a few years ago, who also wrote music for ‘My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose.’

Camera Obscura -‘I Love My Jean.’ mp3

Camera Obscura -‘A Red, red rose.’ mp3 (from the I Love My Jean single)

Other than that, amongst many others are Eddi Reader, who has released a n entire album of Burns’ songs and also, Belle and Sebastian have covered one of his best-known songs ‘Auld lang Syne’ in swedish (if anyone knows how to get hold of this please let me know).

There will be more scots, John Peel related music later. Watch this space.

For more on Robbie Burns go here

A Festive Fifty Theme

First of all, thank you to everyone who has been in contact with details about new acts; I’m going to try and go through it carefully and give my considered opinion about what to post; so if you don’t see yourselves posted immediately, don’t take it personally!

I was considering posting some other stuff today, reflecting on what might make my Festive Fifty at the end of the year, and found my mind drifting to the great man of the Festive Fifty, John Peel.

So, with a big nod to Steve (and not Mike, as I mistakenly called him earlier!) over at the brilliant Teenage Kicks, a brilliant Peel-related blog, here are ten tracks that made John Peel’s Festive Fifty over the years.

Given that he often got frustrated at some things being unadventurous, and there being ‘too many white boys with guitars’ I have tried not to fall into the same trap.

Bang Bang Machine -‘Geek Love.’ mp3 (No.1 1992 Festive Fifty)

We’ve Got A Fuzzbox and we’re Gonna Use It -‘Rules And Regulations.’ mp3 (No. 31 1986 Festive Fifty)

Future Sound Of London -‘Papau New Guinea.’ mp3 (No.11 1992 Festive Fifty)

Half Man Half Biscuit -‘The Trumpton Riots.’ mp3 (No. 14 1986 Festive Fifty)

Althea & Donna -‘Uptown Top Ranking.’ mp3 (No. 2 1977 Festive Fifty)

Teenage Fanclub -‘The Concept.’ mp3 (No.6 1991 Festive Fifty*)

The Bhundu Boys -‘Foolish Harp/Waerara.’ mp3 (No.30 1987 Festive Fifty) (Steve from Teenage Kicks has got in touch and pointed out that it wasn’t this version that made the chart. However, it is fabulous!)

Kenickie -‘Come Out 2nite.’ mp3 (No. 1 1996 Festive Fifty)

This Mortal Coil -‘Song To the siren.’ mp3 (No. 4 1983 Festive Fifty, No.10 2000 Millennium Chart)

The Delgados -‘Mr. Blue Sky.’ mp3 (No. 29 2002 Festive Fifty)

For more on John Peel and fansites start here

* 1991’s Festive Fifty was known as the Phantom Fifty as John felt it was too predictable, topped as it was by Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ and not featuring the dance sounds he’d been plugging that year. It was eventually unveiled, track by track over 1993).

St. Andrew’s Day

Today is St. Andrew’s Day, the Patron Saint of Scotland. This is not a national holiday here (it might be a different story after independence), and nowhere near as big a deal as St. Patrick’s Day is (hell, I think St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated by half the planet).

But, what the heck, I’ve survived a week back at work, it’s three weeks until term finishes, and I got paid yesterday (hmm, guess what I do when it arrives – other than paying the bills, obviously).

So here’s some scottish stuff for you, and just to let you know, I interviewed Malcolm Middleton today, so that will be on the blog soon.

First up, the greatest song by the greatest scottish band EVER (IMHO).

Delgados -‘No Danger.’ mp3

Along with getting into death metal and grime this year, I’ve also been discovering folk. This is a gem (yup, I do listen to some music pre-1976).

John Martyn -‘Solid Air.’ mp3

I love the whole early eighties aesthetic (I may have mentioned this before). This is a classic:

Fire Engines -‘Candyskin.’ mp3

..Mind you, the late eighties threw up some gems too…

The Shamen -‘Jesus Loves Amerika.’ mp3

and so did the nineties… : )

Urusei Yatsura -‘Hello Tiger (Peel Session).’ mp3

And I’m planning something special for December. Watch this space…

Scots indie!

When I first started this blog, about fifteen months ago, one of my main aims was making scottish indie as high profile as possible.

Arguably since then, I have diversified a little -folk, death metal, grime and even a little classical have made their way onto these pages.

However, my bandwith is about to be exceeded –again! and so I thought I would do a post the old-fashioned way, and about music I am passionate about, with or without regard to fashion.

Some of these you may know, others you won’t. Some are well-known, others less so, some bands are gone, some new, some just beginning. But enjoy…

Arab Strap -‘Love Detective.’ mp3

Belle And Sebastian -‘Funny Little Frog.’ mp3

Isobel Campbell -‘Amorino.’ mp3

Franz Ferdinand -‘Darts Of Pleasure.’ mp3

Delgados -‘American Trilogy.’ mp3

Mogwai -‘Dial:Revenge.’ mp3 (featuring Gruff Rhys from Super Furry Animals, it’s a celtic thing, you understand!)

Sons and Daughters -‘Johnny Cash.’ mp3

Teenage Fanclub -‘What You Do To me.’ mp3

Twilight Sad -‘That Summer, At Home I Had Become The Invisible Boy.’ mp3

1990s -‘You’re Supposed To Be My Friend.’ mp3


have a good weekend!