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Roll up, roll up!

Yours truly DJing, two of 17 Seconds Records’ acts and Zoey Van Goey headlining.

This is what the bumpf says: “Zoey van Goey haven’t played Limbo in Edinburgh since November 2008, and, having released their debut album last May and then re-released (Chemikal Underground) it in October, they’ve progressed quite a bit. Expect the top quality ‘indie folk’ from them. Support comes from Chris Bradley and X-Lion Tamer, both signed to Edinburgh’s 17 Seconds record label, the former bringing a soft, lilting Americana/folk edge and the latter a sublime Eighties electro-pop aesthetic that will melt your heart and caress your soul as effectively as it gets you feet tapping. 17 Seconds label boss and blogger extraordinaire, Ed Jupp, supports on the decks, alongside residents the Black Spring DJs. It’s another bumper package of consistently great live music at Limbo!”

Blogger extraordinaire, eh? Cheers for that!

Get your tickets in advance here or here

And three weeks later, Tigerfest starts in Edinburgh, we have two nights as 17 Seconds Records…watch this space.

Zoey Van Goey -‘The Best Treasure Stays Buried.’ mp3

Chris Bradley -‘Hide and Seek.’ mp3

X-Lion tamer -‘Starsign (Teenage Fanclub cover).’ mp3

Thank crunchie it’s Friday


…does there have to be a reason? Just fancied posting some great covers, frankly.

New Age Steppers -‘Fade Away (Junior Byles cover).’ mp3

Schneider TM -‘The Light 3000 (The Smiths cover).’ mp3

Teenage Fanclub -‘Nothing To be Done (Pastels cover).’ mp3

X-Lion Tamer -‘Starsign (Teenage Fanclub cover).’ mp3

Biffy Clyro-‘Umbrella (Rihanna cover).’ mp3

Cud -‘You Sexy Thing (Hot Chocolate cover).’ mp3

Voxtrot -‘Love Vigilantes (New Order cover).’mp3

Kaiser Chiefs -‘Golden Skans (Klaxons cover).’ mp3

The Streets -‘Your Song (Elton John cover).’ mp3

My Bloody Valentine -‘We Have All The Time In the World (Louis Armstrong cover).’ mp3



A round up of some great new Scottish music


Just as it says on the tin, folks. The fact that I’m doing this together should not be taken as me trying to do the bands concerned down by featuring them together, but rather that I’m trying to spread the word.

X-Lion Tamer you almost certainly know by now. He did a session for Vic Galloway on Radio One the other night, including three of his own songs and a cover of ‘Starsign’ by Teenage Fanclub. Like all the best acts, the three songs of his own that Tony plays ‘I Sais Stop’ ‘Neon Hearts’ and ‘Life Support Machine’ are hugely diffreent to what they sound like on his EP. Peenko Blog are hosting it here:

X-Lion Tamer on Peenko blog

I’ve featured Mitchell Museum on here before. They are soon to release their debut album The Peters Port Memorial Service and are giving away some older stuff for free, six tracks in all, via their Bandcamp page. This six track EP is called ‘We Lost First Prize.’

Go here!

A few weeks ago, I mentioned Annie Stevenson, who have now made their demo available to download for free from their Last FM page. Four tracks in all, and very good it is too!

Annie Stevenson’s Last FM page

Galleries were also played on Vic Galloway the other night, and if you haven’t downloaded their free EP shame on you!

Go here

Oliver Stays are a new band formed from the ashes of Jocasta Sleeps, Drive-By Argument and Atlas Skye. They’ve only been together since November but their myspace shows that this is a band with promise, make sure you hear them now! Jim over at Aye Tunes is also championing them.

Oliver Stays’ myspace

The Kays Lavelle are soon to release their debut album – entitled Be Still This Gentle Morning – this track is available as a free download and it’s ace. One of my favourite tracks this year. As John Peel used to say, ‘this track fades in slowly.’

The Kays Lavelle -‘The Hours.’ mp3

Thanks due to Aye Tunes, Peenko and Song, By Toad for all keeping me on my toes when it comes to new scottish music!

Congratulations to X-Lion Tamer!


Tony Lion Tamer became the first one of our acts to do a radio session since signing to the label (though Escape Act did one before they signed to us), with Vic Galloway for radio 1 in Scotland last night.

Click here to be able to listen to Tony in session doing three of his own songs -and his excellent cover of ‘Starsign’ by Teengage Fanclub, which always goes down a storm at gigs. As he says himself, it’s done in a handbag house style. Vic Galloway has been very supportive of 17 Seconds Records, also playing Chris Bradley last week and being one of the first DJs to play our stuff -ever- when he played ‘Claire’ by Aberfeldy when we first started. (Would be great to have mp3s of this if anyone happened to get them).

UPDATE: I know it took ages for this to get updated but it is working – and Vic and Tony are very nice about the label. It’s an excellent show anyway, and this show alone features music from the likes of Mitchell Museum, ardentjohn, Stanley Odd, Woodenbox With A Fistful Of Fivers, Galleries and Withered hand, all of whom I have chamopioned on this blog.

It’s a busy month for the label with gigs in Scotland, England and Ireland (see the myspace page for more details), the release next week of our first two albums by the Wildhouse, and Chris Bradley’s next single ‘Waltzing’ the week after.

Become a fan of the label on facebook, on myspace, and say hello if you’re on Last FM. (We haven’t bothered with Twitter or Bebo).

We are still waiting for our music to be on Spotify, though we signed the contract flippin’ ages ago.

Free 17 Seconds records mp3s here, by the likes of X-Lion Tamer, Dirty Cuts, Factory Kids, Chris Bradley and the Wildhouse.

…and this is the video for the forthcoming Chris Bradley single ‘Waltzing.’

17 Seconds Records update


All busy here at 17 Seconds Records. Today sees the release of the first release of the new decade for us ‘2 Page Spread’ by The Dirty Cuts. it’s out now on download and should be available on 7″ shortly. More news when we have it. Try the usual suspects for the download. This is actually our eighth release as a record company. There is a facebook group set up here, too.

Over the next wee while…

Next week sees the release of the Factory Kids’ EP1 on February 1, while February 15 sees the re-release of the Wildhouse’s first two albums digitally; Hyenas and Poet:Saint.

It then gets totally Chris Bradley-tastic with the release of ‘Waltzing’ on February 22 on download and the long-awaited To The Outpost album on download and CD on March 29. We’ve had some nice reviews coming in so far, so long may that continue.

Not only that, but 17 Seconds Records and the artists involved are also going to be bringing their wares to places across Scotland and Ireland. See the myspace for details. What we are particularly excited about is two 17 Seconds Records nights coming up over the next two months:

February 28 will see 17 Seconds Records at Mono (Glasgow’s cool record shop, run by none other than Stephen McRobbie of The Pastels!) with The Dirty Cuts, X-Lion Tamer and The Wildhouse. Not only that but the Factory Kids will be DJing. This night is being put on by Silence Can Break your Heart. UPDATE: This night has been postponed due to factors beyond both our and Silence can Break your Heart’s Control. Apologies. We are trying to reschedule it and will let you know asap.

April 17 sees a 17 Seconds Night in conjunction with Limbo in Edinburgh at the Voodoo Rooms, with X-Lion Tamer and Chris Bradley.

Not only that but may will see the return of Tigerfest. Yours truly is involved helping Neil and Stuart ruun it this year, and local music makers and promoters are being approached as we speak. No names confirmed as yet – but 17 Seconds are likely to have two nights!! It will run in the capital from May 7-May 15.

There’s a great feature on X-Lion Tamer here and a wonderful piece on both us and Song, By Toad Records here.

And let’s just say that Aberfeldy and Escape Act are up to fabulous things.

Phew, rock’n’ roll…

Dirty Cuts -‘Lips.’ mp3

Factory Kids -‘They Used To Call Me Baby.’ mp3

The Wildhouse -‘Hope Is How You Control me.’ mp3

Some covers for Friday – The return!


Haven’t done this in ages…so why not?

No theme, just some good cover versions!

Lightspeed Champion -‘Back To Black (Amy Winehouse cover).’ mp3

Cat Power -‘Wonderwall (Oasis cover).’ mp3

CSS -‘One Way Or Another (Blondie cover).’ mp3

Carter USM -‘Rent (Pet Shop Boys cover).’ mp3

Wedding Present -‘Back For Good (Take That cover).’ mp3

X-Lion Tamer -‘Tugboat (Galaxie 500 cover).’ mp3

This Mortal Coil -‘I Am the Cosmos (Chris Bell cover).’ mp3

Bauhaus -‘Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie cover).’ mp3

BMX Bandits -‘Love ‘n’ Mercy (Live) (Brian Wilson cover).’ mp3

Swimmer One -‘Cloudbusting (Kate Bush cover).’ mp3

Enjoy, folks! xx

17 Seconds Records in 2010


As promised…it looks set to be a bumper year for 17 Seconds Records.

There are quite a few 17 Seconds Records-related gigs taking place in Scotland and Ireland over the next few months, see our myspace page for more details. In January alone, the Dirty Cuts and the Wildhouse are playing live on the same bill with each other back to back in Glasgow and Dundee, X-Lion Tamer is playing in Edinburgh (a free gig, no less), Aberfeldy will be playing in Dundee, and Escape Act are tearing up five counties in Ireland.

The Dirty Cuts will release their first single ‘2 Page Spread’ on download on January 25, with the 7″ to follow, and they have gracioulsy allowed us to make the b-side available as a free download:

The Dirty Cuts -‘Lips.’ mp3

The following week, as announced, the Factory Kids will release EP1, with EP2 to follow later on in the year. All being well, February will see the re-issue, digitally of the first two Wildhouse LPs, Hyenas and Poet:Saint. Their third album, Jackson ’56 will be released later this year.

March will see the release of Chris Bradley‘s sophomore album At the Outpost, likely to be preceeded by another single (watch this space, as they say). We are also going to re-issue his debut, Voices, in remastered form, later on this year.

As for the first three acts we signed, let them not be forgotten either: Escape Act have finished recording sessions with the famed producer Andy Miller (Sons & Daughters, Mogwai and Delgados, amongst others) and are mastering their sophomore album, Aberfeldy have just two more songs to record for thier third album and X-Lion Tamer is also working hard in the studio. he has been tipped as one of Vic Galloway’s Scottish artists to watch in 2010!

Phew, rock’roll…

We should also be on Spotify any day now, we have a Last FM Page, and more than 5,000 friends on our myspace, so we are getting the word around.

Want to hear more mp3s of our acts? check here at our website.

Where can we buy the X-Lion Tamer EP?


A few emails about where to acquire 17SEC6A from…

You can buy it in person or mail order from Rough Trade in London.

They have this to say about it :”x-lion tamer gives his electronic pop a weird, wonky and rather wonderful twist on each of the four nuggets on this ep. the picks are ‘neon hearts’ which sounds like a glorious mix of schneider tm and the silicon teens and the cover of galaxie 500’s ‘tugboat’ which turns the delicate original into a minimal electro pop number.”

It’s also available at Avalanche in Edinburgh – see here -and is also in stock at Fopp in Edinburgh on Rose St. As Fopp is now part of HMV try this link.

This was featured on Vic Galloway’s most recent podcast 9click on the link to download it!); as well as being played on Vic’s BBC Radio Scotland show last Monday and Friday and on Wednesday night’s late night radio 1 show. Cheers for your support Vic!

X-Lion Tamer’s myspace

…and the word spreads!


Many thanks to John for this post on X-Lion Tamer over at Your Moment Of Zen and also for this write-up from Jim at Aye Tunes. It goes without saying but please, please, please visit these pages. They deserve it!

Also, many thanks to Vic Galloway for playing X-Lion Tamer on his show on Radio Scotland last Monday. See the tracklisting here and listen to the show!

And, as always, check us out on myspace and Last FM. Hopefully as soon as we can sort it out, there will be a Spotify page as well…

This week in the world of 17 Seconds Records


Yup…as mentioned before, today sees the release of Chris Bradley‘s debut single for the label ‘Bored Little Rosie’/’The Man I Love.’ This is the fifth single we have put out as a label within a year. Why it to a while to arrive on iTunes UK yet is a mystery and annoyance; however it is also available on both eMusic and, amongst others. It’s also great looking at a page like this or this and realising that 17 Seconds Records is alive, we exist.

Chris will be playing live in London this Thursday as support to Dr. Robert (yes, the frontman of Blow Monkeys fame) at Water Rats in King’s Cross. He will be on stage from 7-7:30 PM. If you’re in the London area, come along.

Meanwhile, X-Lion Tamer plays at the Bongo Club on Friday night at 23:00 (so yes, there is time to see both the Mudhoney/Vaselines gig and then head over to see him).

X-Lion Tamer -‘Life Support Machine.’ mp3

Chris Bradley -‘Golden Girl.’ mp3